Allowance for years of service to servicemen in 2021

The salaries of military personnel consists of several components. In 2021, in addition to salary by rank and position, the defenders of the Fatherland can count on a bonus for years of service and the award for excellent physical training. However, payoffs are not for everyone, and their size depends on several factors.

Good salary increase

To maintain the prestige of the profession of a military serviceman the authorities apply various methods of material stimulation and social guarantees. Among them: a provision requiring housing, free medical care, various bonuses, additional payments to base salary and much more. Remuneration during service and after retirement is calculated for each individual. This takes into account:

  • title;
  • position;
  • special merits before the Motherland;
  • the excellence of the service;
  • work experience etc.

For example, in 2021 to increase the salary of an employee under contract may be due to allowances for FIZEAU. Excellent physical preparation, manifested at the time of inspections and documented, is the basis for premium payment. Size rate premium ranges from 15% to 100% of salary, depending on the level of implemented standards. With the implementation of the regulations of the second qualification the salary is increased by 15% from the baseline. Good shape, allowing you to pass Fizeau indicators the first qualification, the soldier adds is already visible 30% of the salary. 100% count masters of sports, have passed examination on "perfectly". Slightly less receive the award candidates for the master of sports (90%).

Additional bonuses in 2021 will be able to citizens, passing military service under the contract, for the faithful and efficient performance of duties. Payments are made monthly together with the basic salary on the basis of the order of the commander. The size of the award for meritorious service may be up to 25% of salary. If a soldier has committed serious misconduct or has unsatisfactory inspection results for physical training award is not paid.

Allowance for years of service to servicemen in 2021

Regardless of the "quality" of the service, every soldier, with experience in law enforcement agencies more than 2 years, is entitled to a bonus for years of service. It is calculated on the basis of the order of the commander at the beginning of each new year. The size of the bonus depends on the number of years of service in the army:

  • more than 2 years — 10%;
  • more than 10 years — 15%;
  • more than 15 years — 20%;
  • more than 20 years – 25%;
  • 25 years — 30%;
  • more than 25% — 40%.

For pilots, sailors (load-bearing post in the Premier League) and divers the fee is calculated with the multiplying factor of 1.5.

Allowance for years of service to servicemen in 2021

The government plans to 2021 to increase the allowance for years of service. For every year spent in the army, plan to add 3% of salary. And in the length of service of 25 years or more will put the monthly premium up to 70%.

Surcharge to military pension

Military experience affects not only the size of money allowances during the service, but also on the size of the pension after it is completed. To obtain the status of "military retiree" it is necessary to develop a specific experience with a minimum of 20 years. The age thus has no value. In this case, the pension will equal 50% of the salary of a soldier. For each year worked after 20 years of service, is added 3%.

There is a limit regarding the amount of the pension is not more than 85% of wages for one month. This rule was introduced in 2012. Previously, the military personnel pension was equal to 100% of wages. But after a sharp and significant increase in salaries of security forces, funds to implement reforms in full is not enough. So the government has decided to introduce a reduction factor. In 2012 it was equal to 54%, this has significantly reduced the burden on the budget. Under the plan, the rate was to rise each year by 2% and to reach 100%. But the next financial crisis in 2017 was forced to freeze the increase. In 2020 its value is 72,23%.

To calculate the future pension can each contractor. To do this, add up the three sums:

  • salary (equivalent positions);
  • the salary for the rank;
  • allowance for years of service.

Allowance for years of service to servicemen in 2021

The result must be multiplied by 50%. If a former military live in the region, which has a regional coefficient, the pension will be calculated from his account.

If the retiree only served in areas with special conditions, the ratio will be preserved only if the period of service in these areas is at least 20 years.

The calculation of years of service in 2021

The beginning of military service begins with the day when the serviceman was enlisted in the lists of law enforcement agencies. Life ends the date of exclusion from the staff of the Russian armed forces. Both the action takes place exclusively on the basis of the order of the commander of the military unit. Military experience in 2021 will be counted in the service of the following structures:

  • Ministry of the interior;
  • Regardie;
  • FSB;
  • MOE;
  • The Federal penitentiary service;
  • service in the Soviet army and the KGB of the USSR.

If the soldier committed the crime, the time spent in a disciplinary battalion or under arrest, is not included in the calculation of years of service. Leaving military unit without permission of the commander for more than 10 days are also not counted in the calculation of military experience.

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