AK Bars squad for the 2021-2022 season: players

Due to the salary cap, many clubs had to say goodbye to key players, which significantly weakened them. However, the situation did not affect Kazan players in any way, and the composition of AK Bars for the 2020/2021 season practically did not change. The core is preserved, and due to the selective signing of contracts with promising players, the team is brought almost to perfection.


According to the official statement of the club dated July 6, the contract with head coach D. Kvartalnov and his team has been extended. The decision is expected, as Dmitry’s coaching work allowed AK Bars to gain a foothold in the first line of the East.

AK Bars squad for the 2021-2022 season: players

Kvartalnov Dmitry Vyacheslavovich


Despite the poor performance of A. Reideborn last season, his contract was extended. This is due to the desire to be safe, as T. Bilyalov, although he is the best goalkeeper, is prone to injuries.


The composition of AK Bars for 2021-2022 is 90% preserved. They said goodbye to very expensive and far from the best players S. Sannikov and V. Galuzin. M. Frattin from Canada was replaced by S. Da Costa from France. E. Galimov himself decided to part with the club due to the receipt of a very favorable offer from St. Petersburg.

AK Bars squad for the 2021-2022 season: players

The defensive line-up has not changed, with the exception of the absence of Jesse Virtanen from Finland. A. Pedan and one of the best forwards of AK Bars A. Yarullin signed new contracts. It is planned to put the latter in a pair with M. Vikstrand this season. According to some information, A. Pedan will play together with D. Zhuravlev. A couple of Lyamkin and Rukavishnikov are unlikely to be separated.

To change players will be D. Yudin and K. Henkel. Virtanen did not live up to Kvartalnov’s expectations, and it was necessary to look for another hockey player for the role of a defender who can play in the majority. Therefore, the club signed a contract with N. Dawes.

Last nameYear of birthHeight/weightCitizenshipGrip
2Zhuravlev2000At 183 cm 74 kgRFRight
3Pedan1993At 196 cm 99 kgRFLeft
5Rukavishnikov1992At 189 cm 105 kgRFLeft
6Vikstrand1993At 188 cm 89 kgSwedenLeft
16Abrosimov1994At 194 cm 91 kgRFLeft
18Henkel1995At 186 cm 90 kgBelarusLeft
33Yarullin1993At 182 cm 94 kgRFRight
44Yudin1995At 189 cm 90 kgRFLeft
80Averin1996At 181 cm 89 kgRFLeft
85Fazylzyanov1997At 186 cm 100 kgRFLeft
96Lyamkin1996At 196 92 kgRFLeft


The club was able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement with Severstal, under which striker Vladislav Kara moves to the Cherepovets club, in return, Kazan residents receive monetary compensation.

The problem of the lack of creative players in the Akbars team for the 2020/2021 season was solved by signing a contract with Stefan Da Costa. Thanks to a successful acquisition, AK bars has formed a strong Central axis. Da Costa completed Azevedo-Cormier’s strong double.

AK Bars squad for the 2021-2022 season: players

Stefan Da Costa

The second strongest of the three is a half-Galimov-Zaripov. Artem is a potential young player who entered the TOP 6 not because of his experience and successful game, but because of his excellent speed, impudence and determination. It is also possible to replace Galimov on the 2nd triple D.By voronkovym. Zaripova will replace Dawes, as, despite his age, can knock out more than 20 goals in 1 season.

The third link is represented by Burmistrov-Petrov-Lukoyanov. The position of Khovanov, Glukhov and Fisenko, who can be center forwards or play on the wing, remains unknown.

Last nameYear of birthHeight/weightCitizenshipGrip
7Khovanov2000At 180 cm 90 kgRFLeft
9Dawes1985At 173 cm 91 kgKazakhstanLeft
10Funnels2000At 192 cm 86 kgRFLeft
11Fisenko1990At 187 cm 94 kgRFLeft
12Glukhov1988At 189 cm 91 kgRFLeft
14Tikhonov1988At 187 cm 87 kgRFRight
22Galiev1992At 186 cm 87 kgRFRight
25Zaripov1981At 184 cm 87 kgRFLeft
27Petrov1990At 191 cm 106 kgRFLeft
28Cormier1990At 188 cm 98 kgCanadaLeft
51Azevedo1988At 170 cm 78 kgCanadaRight
69Burmistrov1991At 181 cm 75 kgRFLeft
77Da Costa1989At 180 cm 81 kgFranceRight
86Melon1997At 182 cm 83 kgRFRight
89Lukoyanov1989At 182 cm 93 kgRFLeft
95Galimov1999At 180 cm 80 kgRFLeft
98Voronin1994At 176 cm 76 kgRFLeft


According to experts ‘ forecasts, a strong AK Bars team for the 2020/2021 season, a competent balance of power and excellent coaching work should lead the team to the long-awaited Gagarin Cup. HC has everything you need for this:

  • experienced and strong strikers;
  • the presence of space for rotations in the attack;
  • promising young players who can give the desired result this season;
  • a powerful goalkeeping line of equal goalkeepers in terms of experience and performance;
  • deep center line;
  • balanced and reliable protection.

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