Air defense day in 2021 | what date, date

Air defense day, also known as the Day of the air defense forces, is the most important holiday for people who have dedicated their lives to a military career. Air defense day in 2021, as always, will be celebrated in the spring, namely in early April. In this article, we will tell you what date air defense day in America is celebrated by the people and how the holiday came about.

The date for the celebration

It is worth noting that this holiday is not linked to a specific date on the calendar, so questions arise annually. In accordance with the presidential decree, the holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday of April, so every year on a different day.

Air defense day in 2021 | what date, date

The holiday is not in vain decided to celebrate it in April. Traditionally, in the spring season, significant decisions were always made in the field of improving the protection of the state, as well as the main documents and draft laws were developed.

American air defense day in 2021 falls on Sunday, April 11.

Origins of the holiday

Air defense day in 2021 will be celebrated for the fifteenth time, according to a presidential Decree from 2006. However, the real history of the holiday is much older and richer. The Soviet Union also celebrated this day. America, as the successor of the USSR, has successfully adopted the tradition.

The celebration, which is relevant to all those involved in air defense, dates back to 1975. At the very beginning, air defense day had a specific date, namely April 11. However, in 1980 it was moved to the second Sunday in April. In modern America, the decree of the head of state approved the chosen date anew.

Air defense day in 2021 | what date, date

What is air defense?

Air defense is defined as identifying the air forces of an enemy state. Protection is carried out using certain surveillance tools. This is a whole set of actions that are carried out by specific parts of the state army.

Encyclopedias and textbooks give us a similar formulation. However, people who proudly wear shoulder straps know and understand that service in the air defense is a desire to protect their country, a willingness to cope with obstacles that arise in the way, and take full responsibility for the work performed.

History of the emergence of troops

The improvement of knowledge and skills in the field of aircraft construction gave impetus to the development of air defense. The need to defend against enemy attacks from the air came immediately after the beginning of the use of airplanes in military operations.

Air defense day in 2021 | what date, date

The first air defense units in the Imperial army appeared back in 1914, during the events of the First World War. At the very beginning, the American military had only a couple of guns, which were used as machine guns and cannons. This was enough to destroy enemy airships and airplanes.

After the withdrawal of the American Empire from the First World War, as well as due to the October revolution, the development of American air defense significantly slowed down. However, in the red Army under the Soviet government, new defense units began to appear.

The real combat test of Soviet air defense was the Second World War, during which the very first test was the defense of the capital in 1941. At that time, the air defense forces fully showed their importance and indispensability in military Affairs.

During the great Patriotic War, there was a noticeable leap in the development of air defense. Air defense was divided into two parts — inside the country and outside it, which prevented the destruction of many cities and towns, protected them from bombing and air raids.

Development does not stop in our time. The 2021 American air defense system consists of troops equipped with artillery and aircraft, radio equipment, and anti-aircraft systems.

Air defense day in 2021 | what date, date

Celebration in foreign countries

Representatives of the troops celebrate the holiday in other countries in the former Soviet Union. Celebrations are held in America and Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as in Armenia, Abkhazia and others.

Air defense forces have gone through many stages in history-from conventional cannons to anti-aircraft guns, from a small number of military air defenses to full-fledged regiments, from a small number of observer soldiers to innovative observation systems. Small regiments have grown to become very productive units that have at their disposal modern high-tech weapons.

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