AFP 2021 (Alfa Future People): where it will be held | tickets

The next victim of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 was the Alfa Future People (AFP) electronic music and technology festival, which was previously scheduled for August 7-9 with the support of Alfa-Bank. The organizers postponed the event to the summer of 2021, explaining their decision not to risk the health of guests.

The history of the event

The festival of electronic music is called “American Ibiza” — it is a large-scale presentation of the most modern technologies. The organizer of the festival, Alfa-Bank, has been one of the first companies to support the mobile audience of the 21st century since 2014. The international standards of such festivals — the Belgian festival Tomorrowland, the American project Coachella-became a reference point for the development of the project.

Every year, the organizers strive to update the content content of the festival. In addition to the music program, a summer cinema was opened, an art zone and an amusement Park appeared. The comfort of three days of the festival is provided by tents in the camping area, showers.

The main stage of the event is a festival decoration that reflects the main theme. The most gigantic structure in Europe, comparable to a 9-storey building, is being built for Alfa Future People. During the opening, the stage becomes an audio-visual platform.

AFP 2021 (Alfa Future People): where it will be held | tickets

They planned to bring the music event to the Federal level, so they were looking for a venue outside of New-York. Zeppelin in 2014, as a General contractor, chose a field in the Nizhny Novgorod region, near the town of Bolshoe Kozino.

In 2017, due to heavy rains, the field was washed away. The efforts of Alfa-Bank, which sponsors the event, did not help. Tons of sand, pallets, hardboard, pumping-all in vain. It turned out to be impossible to provide comfort in bad weather conditions, although the participants ‘ efforts kept the atmosphere festive and cheerful despite the whims of heaven. Upon completion, the organizers considered replacing the festival site.

Location of the event

Earlier it was reported that the traditional AFP venue will be replaced. The festival was planned to be held in a new location — Volodarsky district, near the village of ilinogorsk, the railway station of The same name. The reason for the postponement is the desire of the organizers to improve the conditions of the event:

  • the site is larger to accommodate a camping area, Parking lot;
  • significant distance of the noisy festival from residential buildings, which will enhance the sound;
  • the venue of the event is closer to New-York, but the distance from Nizhny Novgorod remains the same;
  • installation of a drainage system in the new territory, which will prevent flooding problems if it rains heavily.

The chosen place, near the Solinsky highway, is surrounded on three sides by a forest, the organizers have already called it a New home, presented it on Valentine’s Day.

There is a high probability that in 2021 the new venue planned for the electronic music festival will be preserved and additionally equipped.

AFP 2021 (Alfa Future People): where it will be held | tickets

The program of the festival

Next year, taking into account the additional preparation time, the strongest team of participants is expected. The organizers urge fans of the event to send comments with applications, who they would like to see at the venues next year, and are ready to negotiate with mega-DJs to collect the strongest line-up in the history of the festival.

The Alfa Future People 2021 music program will feature headliners for the main stage and dozens of top DJs. Names, as usual, are kept secret. It is expected that The main, Techno, Bass, Live, as well as Deep and Trance venues that opened last year will be preserved.

The fiery boundaries of festival music have long been expanded. Most of the artists are included in the prestigious top-100 Dj Mag rating of international level. The names of the participants Steve Aoki, Alesso, Tiesto do not need to be introduced.

AFP 2021 (Alfa Future People): where it will be held | tickets

Fans of various styles on stage will enjoy the legends of underground music, heavy types (Hardstyle, drum and bass), the techno genre, and other trends. American performers will present their star-studded compositions to their fans.

Newcomers to electronic music who have passed the casting will be able to Express themselves-the festival is ready to discover new names.


It is difficult to imagine what will be announced in 2021, as the race for technological innovations is only increasing momentum. They have already presented the latest gadgets, virtual reality helmets, robots, and special glasses for cyclists with augmented reality. What surprises will surprise the guests of Alfa Future People, one can only guess, as the area of the site of technological innovations increases annually. Surely something new awaits gamers – the organizers always prepare exclusive games for guests.

Participants of the festival are always provided with contactless payment options, available wi-fi, lockers for recharging gadgets.

AFP 2021 (Alfa Future People): where it will be held | tickets


The active part of the festival program, laid down in the first years of the festival, was aimed at a strict separation of electronic music and narcotic hallucinations. You can catch a drive in the sports zone, which annually expands directions for all levels of training.

Anyone can jump on the trampoline net, play baseball, pass the TRP standards, and participate in a volleyball tournament. The usual sports are supplemented with EMS training and gravity exercises. In 2021, the program will probably be supplemented with other highlights.


It is easy to purchase tickets on the AFP festival website. Traditionally, there are two main categories:

  • standard — access to the territory, visiting the main zones;
  • VIP-an upgrade is added to access to festival venues (private entrance, dance area, improved visibility, special menu in the lounge tent).

Additional services (access to the territory, tent placement, etc.) are paid separately. You can always upgrade your ticket category by paying extra. Camping spots vary in price, depending on the distance to the festival area.

Everyone who purchased vouchers for the rescheduled festival will receive a 10% discount in 2021. Preparations are well underway. The meeting in August 2021 at Alfa Future People will definitely take place.

How was Alfa Future People held in 2021:video

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