Admissible norm of alcohol in blood in 2020-2021 year

Drivers need to know what’s approved allowable rate of alcohol in the blood in the 2020-2021 year, how many ppm “legitimate” in the measurement of the breathalyzer and that affects this value, in addition to eating alcoholic beverages. The minimum dose of alcohol consumed, in the opinion of the motorist, will not be released from liability, if the traffic police to stop and require to pass the test. The deviation from the norm is influenced by some familiar food and medicine, which drivers should remember to refrain from their use before you get behind the wheel, not to become an offender involuntarily.

The allowable amount of alcohol

Such a thing as admissible norm of alcohol in blood in 2020-2021 year does not exist. The fact that each body requires a different dose of alcohol to feel drunk. Someone is enough 50 grams in order to feel dizzy, and someone and a bottle is not enough. But don’t rely on external and internal manifestations of intoxication. The slow reactions of the CNS begins with the first glass of alcoholic beverage. The minimum dose in 2-3 SIPS of beer affects the body, not necessarily that it is accompanied by obvious signs. People talking coherently, no sense of vertigo, but the process in the body started.

It is a mistake to rely on tables found on the Internet, with acceptable amounts of alcoholic beverages. In these sources claim that the breathalyzer will not show a deviation from the norm, if people drink 50 g of vodka. In the data posted on the web, even given the rate of weathering of alcohol. According to these indicators, a shot of vodka will wear off in 3-5 hours. But keep in mind that every body how to assimilate, so removes alcohol differently. Full people sober faster thin, but body weight is not the only indicator, it is influenced by lifestyle, metabolic rate, condition of the gastrointestinal tract. After a strong alcoholic drink it is advisable not to drive during the day, because even 12 hours later the brain and spinal cord are released from the residual effects of alcohol.

Important! Can’t drive with any amount of alcohol consumed. In devices for detecting ppm in the exhaled breath of lung air is present error, so increased to 0.16 mg/l, is considered acceptable. Deviation in a big way – violation. But such a result, the breathalyzer shows not only in the case if the person was drinking and that you need to remember!

Admissible norm of alcohol in blood in 2020-2021 year

Control methods

Testing for detection of alcohol in two ways:

  1. Using the breathalyzer is a special instrument for measuring ppm alcohol in the exhaled air for one cycle of exhalation.
  2. A blood test. He was taken to the nearest medical facility to the place of identifying the suspect driver. The second method is used in cases where the person is not able to run a quick test with the breathalyzer, refuse to conduct procedures or convinced of his innocence and the groundlessness of allegations from the police.

In the 2020-2021 year, how many ppm is permitted in the blood: the minimum indicators in measuring breath alcohol tester – 0.16 mg/l, and in the delivery of venous blood is 0.35 mg/L.

That affects the result

Known facts, when a device for measuring ppm shows a deviation from the norm, although on this day the man does not drink alcohol. Higher rates that do not fit in the margin of error of the breathalyzer, call:

  1. Drugs, which contain alcohol. This is usually of cough syrup, antipyretic, sedative.
  2. Products, a composition which contains yeast: yogurt, kvass, black bread.
  3. Freshers mouth.
  4. Toppings for coffee drinks.
  5. Perespevshy bananas or citrus.
  6. Some desserts that are high in carbohydrates or impregnations on alcohol.

Admissible norm of alcohol in blood in 2020-2021 year

Every body reacts to eaten in different ways, so with similar products, drivers should be vigilant and refrain from their use.

On the higher breathalyzer is also influenced by:

  1. Device malfunction, which may break due to incorrect use. Therefore, if the driver is sure he is “clean”, he may be asked to replace the device and re-test.
  2. Fraud inspectors. Some DPS deliberately falsify test results to get money.

If the person does not agree with the test results, he is entitled to demand the surrender of the relevant tests in a medical facility.


The failure of the traffic police in measuring ppm breathalyzer, is equal to drunk. So drivers need to remember some rules before starting the test:

  1. It is not forbidden to clarify the error of the instrument used by the inspectors.
  2. The traffic police should provide information about the date of the last inspection.
  3. The driver is entitled to require the video recording of the test results.
  4. When testing must be present, two witnesses, and other inspectors are unable to perform this role.
  5. The driver is entitled to see the inspector unpacks a new disposable tip. To him no one should touch testing.

If, in spite of the certainty of innocence, the tool displays more than 0,16 mg/l, the main thing is not to sign the agreement with the indicator. The drivers in writing, stating the rejection of the results. Then you need to hurry and get to the nearest medical facility and to donate venous blood for analysis. In litigation, the results of the analysis will play a crucial role.

Admissible norm of alcohol in blood in 2020-2021 year

Punishment in excess of the permissible norm of blood alcohol for the first time – deprivation of rights for up to 2 years or a fine of 30 thousand rubles. In case of repeated violation the penalty increases to 300 thousand is added imprisonment up to 2 years, or deprivation of up to 3 years and compulsory work up to 480 hours. Therefore, drivers need to be careful to remember what is acceptable rate of alcohol in the blood in the 2020-2021 year, try not to use products that increase the record, and not to drive drunk.

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