Accountant’s day in 2021: what date and date

The international accountant’s day in 2021 will be celebrated on November 10, as it has been for many years in a row. In America, the holiday is not legally established, so specialists in the exact field have to be content with the fact that the accountant’s Day is unofficially timed to November 21, upon the adoption of the Federal law “on accounting”. However, the law has already been repealed. It was replaced by new regulations that affected the new dates of corporate celebrations. Confusion has led to the fact that in large cities and regions, holidays are celebrated on different days. Amazing inconsistency in the accounting field!

The facts of history

Accounting in the traditional sense was formed by the 18th century. The name of the profession came from the German language, formed on the basis of a merger of two words: book – ” Buch “and owner, holder – “holder”. The literal translation means “owner of the book.”

The founder of accounting is called the Italian mathematician Luca Pacioli. In Summa Arithmetica, geometry, relations, and proportions, published on November 10, 1494, the author outlined the basics of modern accounting. The date of publication of the treatise formed the basis of the international accountant’s Day.

Accountant's day in 2021: what date and date

In the American tradition, linking a professional celebration to the day of the adoption of a Federal law turned out to be unstable, since one was replaced by another regulatory act. It should be noted that November 21 is the official date of the professional holiday of tax authorities ‘ employees. The coincidence points to the interconnection of these areas of activity, but at the same time serves as a reminder that accounting professionals deserve their celebration at the state level. In 2014, the Ministry of Finance of the American Federation launched the process of determining the date of celebration of the “Day of the American accountant”. Many proposals were considered, but no consensus was reached.

In some regions of the American Federation, accountant’s Day is celebrated annually:

  • in Tatarstan – on the last Friday in November;
  • in the Yaroslavl region – on the first Sunday of April;
  • in the Krasnoyarsk region – November 12;
  • in the Volgograd region – November 1;
  • in the Krasnodar territory — on the first Sunday of December.

The “day of the St. Petersburg accountant” is celebrated on November 15, and then, on November 16, the “day of the New-York accountant”comes. If changes in the legislation are not adopted, then in 2021 the same situation will continue, bordering on complete confusion, which is not typical for people of the exact profession.

Holiday traditions

If in the early period accountants, the predecessors of accountants, were mainly men, then by the 20th century, women began to predominate in the professional sphere. Bloody wars and heavy losses of the male population led to changes. Often, the profession of an accountant is now called a female one.

Accountant's day in 2021: what date and date

The celebration is not very large in scope, it takes place more often in the corporate environment of professionals. The management recognizes the achievements of the accounting Department specialists, awards them with diplomas, and presents them with gifts. Colleagues celebrate their professional holiday at a festive table, in friendly companies. On accountant’s Day, there is a great opportunity to Express respect and appreciation for employees whose work often goes unnoticed. Women’s groups often give bouquets of flowers, sweet presents, perfumes, and Souvenirs.

About your profession

All organizations and businesses that conduct business activities need the services of accountants. The profession remained in demand at all times. Depending on the scope of work, the specifics of the institution, the responsibility for maintaining accounting falls on one person or an entire Department. Many specialists work remotely, using Internet technologies, software products that provide electronic document management, and financial statements.

The work of an accountant requires a careful approach, accurate calculations, and great responsibility. The efficiency and stability of the company’s activities depend on the professionalism of specialists in this field. Accounting errors are costly, and the organization’s funds are spent on paying off fines and additional taxes.

You can get the profession of an accountant in a secondary professional or higher educational institution. You can gain experience only after 2-3 years of work. Those who constantly study, improve their knowledge base, and are able to apply legislative documents in practice can become a true professional.

Accountant’s day in 2021 will once again remind you of the value of the work of specialists who ensure the financial stability of enterprises, calculate salaries for employees, and submit reports to tax inspections.

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