A toast to the New 2021

New year toasts are a great component of a fun celebration. They are suitable for family feasts and corporate parties. According to the Chinese calendar 2021 – the year of the Metal ox. Despite its not very nice appearance, this animal is very clever and often becomes a friend to man. Therefore, preparing a new year’s toast by 2021, mention should be made of the merits of the bull, the patron and try to appease her so in the coming year luck.

Christmas toast for office party– 2021

During the festive celebrations with colleagues I do not want to think about work worries, and plans that are constantly “burning”. Now is the time to relax and erase the line in the relationship of boss-subordinate. However, it is necessary to observe decency and not to get involved in crony attitude. When preparing for a corporate party you can use a neutral toast, which raise the mood of everyone around us, regardless of position, age or gender. For example:

  • The new year is a time of discovery and new achievements. I wish that everyone could find the hidden abilities that will help achieve its goals faster and better. To a life filled with new positive experiences, and they remained in the shower for a long time and helped us to become kinder and wiser.
  • The wonders of living around us. And in the New year they seem to be concentrated. Appears elevated mood and the desire to make dreams come true loved ones, to make them more happy. So often we ourselves become a source of wonder. Let us in the coming year, keep this a feeling of joy and goodness, and will carry it with you always.

A toast to the New 2021

  • Let this year be filled with all desires, and there is a simple solution to all complex problems. Life plays with bright colors, and has a string of victories and successes.
  • Each of us wants to succeed in the work. I wish a job was always executed with pleasure and bring joy. After all, if you love what you do, and work much easier and always not quenched the desire to improve and to improve yourself.
  • The bull has his virtues as wisdom, prudence, hoarding, hard work, endurance, ability to adapt to circumstances and find opportunities. I want to wish each of us was dominated by positive qualities of this interesting animal to help us to overcome any obstacles.
  • I wish you success in all new and old projects, creativity, inspiration and strength for new achievements. Let the calmness and good mood are always present in your soul.

More new year’s toasts in the file:

Family toast to the New year 2021

Family usually people are more relaxed and will not be extra sometimes to make a joke. Even if the joke to be very funny, in the family she will be received warmly and with genuine joy. Still, not to overstep boundaries and make jokes inappropriate. Good joke carries only positive emotions. Humorous toast to the New 2021 you can choose from the following:

  • May the bull not the most pretty animal, but now is the time to make friends with her. She can teach us patience and diligence, perseverance and determination. I wish to have in our home was a piece of cheese and bread, butter, jam and sausages, not to be ashamed to treat a Patron of the year.
  • If a Prim young lady fall in a swoon from the bull, but this year we are even more pleased. She brings home good luck and prosperity, and we are ready to share our joy. And the bull is very smart, and know where it is good luck to carry. So let she will always be our address.
  • I wish every day we had a warm, like the battery, words to life was bright, like a garland, and days inflammatory as sparklers. To health was strong, as drinks, and the salary always came with a prize.
  • New year’s eve all wishes come true, so we need to make to make wishes come true every day.
  • Let Santa Claus in the Christmas night comes, not only to children but also to adults. After all we are all someone’s children and each of us lives a small child.
  • Let in new year’s eve champagne is flowing river, but not on the floor goes, and goes directly into the mouth.
  • Love, care and kindness are the three main components of happiness. And Olivier, champagne and sparklers are the three main components of fun. So let our life always be cheerful and happy happiness fun.

A toast to the New 2021

Toasts Proverbs

Drinking a small history is always relevant at celebrations. They can take a pause, when all the guests have eaten and rested. In addition, they can be an occasion for a pleasant conversation and discussion of the morality of the story. On new year’s holidays it is possible to tell the following parable:

  • New year’s eve, the husband and wife had dinner in the restaurant. They discussed past events, among them a lot of happy moments. But then the husband remembered a failure and it became hot to talk about it, complaining about destiny and seeing the future. At this time, the wife looked over the Christmas tree in the restaurant, which was decorated with bright lights. She said to her husband: “Look closely: this garland there is one bulb that burned out. But the rest of the lights continue to flicker, and this tree was no less elegant”. So you need to look at the whole picture and estimate the year based on all results, and not to focus on a single problem.
  • Once three pilgrim went to travel the world. The first night they got to sleep and decided to ask to spend the night in the nearest house. When they knocked on the door, the host asked: “Who’s there?” The travelers answered, “Love, Health and Wealth. Can you stay the night?” The owner told them that they only have one space, they must decide whom to admit. The old mother asked to let Health, and young daughter – Love, wife – Wealth. While they were arguing, they left. So let in our house will always be a place for Love, Health and Wealth.
  • One day the Teacher decided to answer any questions people have. However, it is constantly asked – is there life after death. The teacher was all smiles and did not answer directly to the question. Later his disciples asked: “Master, why you never replied to you a question?” What the teacher said, “have you noticed that the afterlife interested, first of all, those who do not know what to do with this life. They need another life, eternal. So that’s the main thing for them is the question – is there a life BEFORE death!” So I wish to live so didn’t have time to wonder about life after death.

A toast to the New 2021

What you should not say

the bull accidentally takes pride of place in the Chinese horoscope, it also opens new 12-year cycle. She has a lot of advantages that give it special properties. However, the bull has also negative sides, such as theft and sabotage. This animal can be associated with something unclean, such as dirt, parasites and infection.

These qualities, as well as the expression “to SkyCity” or “greedy” should not be mentioned at the event, and especially to address anyone. This may offend the Patron and the person to whom it is addressed. Remember that each of us has their pros and cons. In order to better develop its positive aspects, you need to devote more time to them, and not focus exclusively on shortcomings.

Christmas toast with a robot companion: video

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