A new form of Spartacus 2020-2021 year

Form of the cult of the football club “Spartak” from the ground almost always runs in the red and white colors. Today, this color combination has become a household name in the form: when people talk about “red-white” football fans know what we are talking about the players of the Moscow “Spartak”. In the 2020-2021 season, designers present a new vision of the equipment of the team, taking into account the traditional symbolism.

The home kit

In social networks a number of sports journalists, was published presumably a new form of “Spartacus” 2020-2021 season. Preliminary homepage design t-shirt appeared online in February 2020 and has caused a lot of controversy among fans. However, official confirmation from the management team did not arrive.

Coming from a publication, a new form of “Spartacus” for the 2020-2021 season is traditionally red with white elements. On the t-shirt will appear again with the broad white band is a distinctive feature of “Spartacus” that has not been used for two seasons.

A new form of Spartacus 2020-2021 year

On a white stripe, printed in large letters the name of the title sponsor, which has long supported the team, a major oil company “LUKOIL”. This caused dissonance among Internet users. In the comments they expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that when you first look at the shirt immediately catches the eye is the name of the Corporation, not the club logo. However, in recent years, this trend is considered normal among the many major football teams, both domestic and foreign. The name of the main sponsor are often printed in large print on the chest of the players and the logo of the club on the left, closer to the heart.

T-shirt Spartak logo is pictured at the top left. The new version of the emblematic diamond made in white, good contrast on the mostly red background. Inside the rhombus crosses a broad band, and at its centre is the letter “C” with the ball in the middle. At the top of the rhombus is decorated with four cover stars.

The right side of the shirt has the logo of the company Nike, specializing in the manufacture of sports clothing and footwear. The company’s designers have spent several years in the development of the concept of all sets of the form of Spartak Moscow. In addition, Nike is also a sponsor of the team.

Nike works with Spartak since 2005 (i.e., almost 15 years). Before the development of equipment for the team two years Umbro. And from 1976 through 2002 (except for 1988-1989), FC collaborated with Adidas.

At the bottom of the t-shirt used the ornament in the form of contours of the diamond shape. The use of such prints often found in the designs of equipment from different clubs. In General, the home shirt is quite simple, without unnecessary details. A new guest form of “Spartacus” has not yet been presented to the public.

Previous versions of equipment

In the season 2018-2020 ammunition players have also been made in traditional colours: red background and white details (the name of the title sponsor, Nike logo and club). However, in the design of home equipment not used for the white stripe that caused discontent among the loyal fans. The fabric was dealt a relief in the form of strips which intersect the whole of the front part. Also, the front part was divided into broad stripes, made in different shades of red.

A new form of Spartacus 2020-2021 year

Guest outfit of the season 18/19 can be called a negative home. She names the basic white color and the elements, on the contrary, red. The difference was the presence of a broad band on the chest t – shirts brand name “Spartacus”, which was made in red. The gate had a more plunging neckline and red border.

A new form of Spartacus 2020-2021 year

The shape of the 18/19 season was perceived by fans is better than gear in season 17/18. This was the first year for a long period of time, when the basic design has removed traditional strip (like from a home and away kit). In addition, the shape dazzled a large number of names of various sponsors, which caused a wave of irony among fans of the club. The form was not the most successful, however, it was approved for matches of that period.

In the championship USA Cup in season 17/18 FC “Spartak” took the third place.

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