A new form of real Madrid 2020-2021 year

7 June on the official website of the club “real Madrid” has introduced a new form in which the team will perform in the season 2020/2021. As expected, the designers have returned to the beloved “creamy” colour. FC real Madrid continued its collaboration with Adidas, and this means that the games 2020/2021 players once again come in a stylish outfit.

The home kit

New home form of the season 2020/2021 real Madrid is in white color. Unlike last year’s sets, black text it was replaced with gold. Turned out to be very simple: name and title of the technical sponsors, the emblem of the club at heart and FIFA sign on the right. What remains unclear for the fans, so it’s cut t-shirt, or the sleeve length. Already last season the fans said that he was rather long in comparison with the classics. Designers have not listened to the majority opinion and offered players t-shirts with longer sleeves. Visual perception is enhanced by the descending shoulders with gold stripes.

A new form of real Madrid 2020-2021 year

One look at this form, and once it becomes clear that in front of you real Madrid player. Left designers and the familiar stripes on the shoulders and around the edge of the sleeves. The contrast in this set there is: the shorts and socks too bright, with Golden design.

A new form of real Madrid 2020-2021 year

The colors are chosen deliberately, because in the white gold real became the champion Example Liga in the 2011/2012 season.

The guest option

The guest form in the 2020/2021 season looks much more interesting than last year. Away matches the team will play in blue kit. Cuffs and stripes on the shoulders are black, all the rest of the symbols – gold. The originality of the guest form creates an abstract pattern in blue hues, symbolizing the galaxy.

A new form of real Madrid 2020-2021 year

The shorts and socks, blue shirt. This color was not chosen by chance. Shades accompany the team since the season 2002/2003, when the club came Ronaldo. It is in blue form, real have won La Liga.

A new form of real Madrid 2020-2021 year

Backup form

The third set turned out quite predictable. In contrast to the bright pink-red uniforms last season, Royal club received a form of mint color. This kit stands out from home and away not only bright colors but also the design. There is no gold, only strict white and blue stripes, reminiscent of the 90s. and Blue is applied and the club logo and sponsors ‘ logos.

A new form of real Madrid 2020-2021 year

Visual backup kit it is easier: the neckline on the shirt made a V-shaped and added to her broad white edging. Sleeves, compared to the two main sets shorter. As for the shorts, they will also be mint color.

This is the third set has caused outrage from fans. It fans of the club saw nothing original, except white, and blue stripes. No raisins, just the global Adidas template: same cut and design of the form against Bayern, Juventus and Manchester United. The discontent of fans and stirs strong resemblance to the uniforms of Arsenal.

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