A new form of PSG 2020-2021 year

Fans of French football club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has recently seen what will be the form team in season 2020-2021. Presents the design of “uniform” is the third in a row. Over its development had been working Nike. T-shirts adorn the iconic band “Estera” (white, red, white). They are a symbol of three decades of cooperation, “French” and American brand sports clothing. And recently, an agreement was signed on extension of joint work for another 20 years.

Daniel Ester was the main investor of the team in the early years. A little later he led the management Committee and then became President of PSG. He considers himself the founder of the club. It belongs to him the development of colors forms home French players.


The new home uniform PSG designed in the traditional colors – dark blue, red and white. In the center of the blue t-shirt from the bottom edge to V neckline go to 3 stripes – white, red, white in the middle like breaks the sponsor’s logo. In the upcoming season they became the hospitality company Accor is Live Limitless. If you believe the information in the Network, it will pay PSG for 60 million euros. The form also bears the manufacturer’s logo – swoosh white. On the back of the collar on the red strip is written Paris.

A new form of PSG 2020-2021 year

Pants and leg warmers solid (blue) with a white emblem of the sponsor and the word “Paris” in French.

A new form of PSG 2020-2021 year


Outside of France, members of the PSG team will play in white kit with red and dark blue stripes. Stripes will go from the hem to the shoulders, and in the middle to break the sponsor’s logo. In addition to the front of the shirt diagonally will flaunt shimmering stripes with the inscription Paris. Such a design truly unique is impossible. In similar form the PSG players played in 2007 and even in the eighties.

In addition to t-shirt are the shorts and socks of blue color, decorated with the famous Nike logo and inscription Paris.

A new form of PSG 2020-2021 year

Of course, a new form of PSG 2020-2021 have the liking of the fans, because it sends to the origins of their favorite team. Positively about the new “uniform” is revoked and the players themselves. For example, the forward of the French club Kilian Mbappe spoke about the new form: “I’ve always been a fan of Nike, and it’s great that they will continue to produce kits for PSG for a long time.” In the continuation he added: “the New kit is really beautiful, really classic and nice to see the band on the shirt. I’m sure the fans will be very happy.”

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