A new form of Milan in 2020-2021 year

In mid-may 2020 the public saw the new home kit of AC Milan, where the team will play in the season 2020/2021. The creation of equipment has been the company “Puma”, which works with the club for the second season. For the first time players will take the field in new uniforms in the last home match of the Serie A season against FC 18/19 “Frosinone”.

Home form

New home form Milan 2020/2021 made in the classic style – red-and-black flat and white accents. This is the second work from the “Puma” for the Italian football giants. She is as classic as the debut design. The main difference is that in the new season, stripes are more subtle than in the previous year. Such strips used in early versions of equipment of the club. Strip located across the canvas t-shirt, including the back and sleeves. The gate has a round shape and a black color.

A new form of Milan in 2020-2021 year

Bright elements on the front of the shirt are the logos of the sponsors and club logo. The title sponsor since 2010 is the company “Fly Emirates”. Her name is depicted in big white letters in the center of the shirt.

“Fly Emirates” — one of the largest airlines, based in Dubai (UAE).

Technical sponsor of the team — German manufacturer of sports apparel and shoes “Puma”. Prior to that, the club worked for many years with another German company “Adidas”. However, in 2018 the contract was terminated prematurely. With “Puma” the Rossoneri are collaborating for the second season, and while designers delight many fans of using the traditional way. The logo with the jumping cat is located on the right chest and left sleeve.

Left the designers have placed the emblem of the “red-black” – a shield with the symbol of the team and the emblem of the city of Milan. At the bottom of the shield is the date of establishment of the club (1899), and at the top – the abbreviation of his full name (ACM– Associazione Calcio Milan). On the emblem depicted a star, which the team earned after a tenth League title in the late ‘ 70s.

On the back of the shirt, under the collar is a small red-and-black devil. This is one of the nicknames of team members. Initially, it represented the colours red, which symbolizes the devil, and the black threat to rivals.

A new form of Milan in 2020-2021 year

Shorts home outfit white with red trim on the left leg and black on the right. On the left a depiction of the logo of “Puma” and the right – the emblem of the club. The socks are also white with red and black center panel.

A new form of Milan in 2020-2021 year

Goalie gear

Goalkeeper shirt in the new season will be green. The sleeves have a Raglan cut. From the shoulder to the elbow they are made in dark green color with thin lighter stripes. The gates are made of triangular shape.

On the front of the shirt shows the logos of sponsors and the emblem of FC “Milan” in white color. They successfully combined with a green background and good contrast.

A new form of Milan in 2020-2021 year

Guest set

Guest outfit Rossoneri also performed in a traditional style as the home kit. She is completely white with a few contrasting elements. In football there is a wide black stripe on the left shoulder and red on the right.

The logo of the title sponsor is, as usual, in the center, but away kit is used red color. Logo “Puma” is depicted in black.

A new form of Milan in 2020-2021 year

The third form

The third variant form of “Milan” on the 2020-2021 season has the most modern design. For it was used mostly black color with interesting experimental print. Thin red stripes that are located on the front of the shirt, with a grey gradient pattern reminiscent of flames. Apparently, the designer wanted to emphasize the diabolical nickname “Rossoneri”. Additional items of equipment depicted contrasting white.

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