A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year

In late April, a leading American manufacturer of sports clothes, “New Balance” has introduced a new version of the form, British professional club “Liverpool”. The color palette of form Liverpool 2020 2021 is dedicated to significant event – the centenary of the birth of a legend football club Bob Paisley.

Home form

The creators of the new home form of Liverpool 2020 2021, in keeping with the tradition, used the usual range of red shades. The change affected only the level of color saturation. In the new season dark red more pronounced. Contrast set attach white panels on the cuffs and is made in the same color of the edging of the collar. Unlike last year’s version of the kit complement the subtle white stripes.

A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year

On the background of dark red, well separated applied gold club emblem and decorated with white logo of the main technical sponsor.

A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year
A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year

Pants are plain, with the outer sides decorated with the club emblem and logo of the official partner of, embroidered with gold thread.

An interesting detail of the set of acts inflicted on the inner side of the collar autograph legendary defender, captain and later head coach Robert “Bob” Paisley.

Another important part of the set of acts inflicted on the back side of the collar image in the form of the eternal flame. So the creators decided to commemorate the victims of the tragedy on “Hillsborough”, occurred in 1989 and claimed the lives of hundreds of fans.

Two-tone leggings: the bottom part of the product in a white shade, the upper in a dark red. On the background of a dark, well-visible white lettering “New Balance” and Golden “LFC”.

A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year

Overall the kit is very similar to the option for the 1982-1983 season, when the team once again won the title of champion of England.

Guest set

Creating a guest form, the designers decided to move away from the start of the dark shades used in previous years. The away form of Liverpool for the season 2020 2021 is in white color. On the background of white color t-shirts are positively the gradient insert. Color scheme is very similar to the options form for the 1892-93 seasons in 1910-11, 1922-23 and also in 1980-81.

A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year

A traditional dark red tone is present on the cuffs, alternating with dark blue inserts. A logical addition to the dark inserts are made in the same shades the words “LFC” and club emblem.

The idea to immortalize the name of the football legend embodied in the guest option. On the inside of the collar there is still the same insert autographed by Paisley.

Pants solid Navy blue color contrasting with white t-shirts. Complete the package, two-tone leg warmers: white top and dark bottom, decorated with red stripes and logos.

A new form of Liverpool 2020-2021 year

The kit for the goalkeeper is decorated in black color. In recent years, this color scheme has been used quite often. T-shirt is decorated with Golden stripe with club crest and official American partner, cooperation with which lasts from 2016.

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