A new form of inter in the 2020-2021 year

Even before the August start of the next football season, fans of the Milan club interested in a new form of inter in the 2020-2021 year. To the delight of fans on the Internet have already appeared official photos of the home option and the individual concept photos of the other two sets. As before, the equipment was developed by the American company Nike technical sponsor of the club, cooperation with which lasts already more than 20 years. They used traditional colours and elements, and vivid detail with unusual prints.

The home kit

Home form is executed in native inter club colours. In the season 2020-2021 year the players will wear t-shirt with wide black and blue stripes. The main feature is a rectangular insert at the chest with diagonally arranged stripes, where the label is placed the title sponsor Pirelli in the background. Collar V-shape framed with white edging along the front. White color will be a narrow strip at the bottom of the sleeves, complementing the color of the logo of the title sponsor. The shorts are made without any frills. Completely black color of this item of equipment will be diluted with small white logos of sponsors and the club. Leg warmers are also made in black color with a thin blue stripe at the top.

A new form of inter in the 2020-2021 year

Guest form

Away kit of inter in the 2020-2021 year will be radically different from home. A bright accent set is the turquoise color. In addition, the outfit will include a white, black and gold colors. The official design has not been promulgated yet, but the Network has already appeared the concept with the use of these colors. Here on a white t-shirt with Raglan sleeve made of alternating turquoise and white stripes of different widths.

Unusual is their location: Nike designers abandoned the traditional vertical stripes and decided to place them diagonally. The black color used in the frame neck area, making sponsorship decals Pirelli, Nike logo and club emblem. The latter also includes the traditional Golden elements. Leg warmers are expected to be white. We can only wait for the presentation of a full set to find out what colour shorts.

A new form of inter in the 2020-2021 year

The third set

Fans have also had the opportunity to discuss the design of a third variant form of inter. Year, in 2020-2021 it will be done in black-grey color with gold details. Print t-shirt presents “staggered” pattern of the three types of squares: solid black, striped black-grey and grey with a stylized snake. The last to remind fans about the symbol of the club and one of the nicknames – “Snakes”. On a black background with bright lettering distinctly different sponsors and club logos, made of gold color. V neckline gate with exactly saved as home and away options. Will look like the shorts and socks will be available only after the official presentation.

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