A new form of Bavaria 2020-2021 year

The sets of Bavaria for the 2020-2021 season is almost ready. In may, fans of the club could see a new home kit, and recently, a prototype of equipment for away games and the third set. How will now look the players one of the first FC Munich?

Home form

Traditionally, the development of a equipment worked firm Adidas. This year it was decided to put the team solely in red color. The tee blends several shades of red, and the sleeves are a little lighter. On the shoulders are three stripes, on the chest, white Adidas logo and Telekom, as well as the emblem and motto of the football club. On the left sleeve you can see the logo of another sponsor Bayern – Qatar Airways.

A new form of Bavaria 2020-2021 year

One of the main features of the new form – graphic print on the shirt. It’s not just abstraction, pattern, repeating the architecture of the Allianz Arena, where FC Bayern has been training for 14 years. Thus they wanted to Express respect to his “home”. In fact, red color sports clothes is also linked to Allianz Arena, as the red stadium lit up at night.

A new form of Bavaria 2020-2021 year

The shorts and socks also red.

A new form of Bavaria 2020-2021 year

Guest set

Yet it is not known what will be the final version of the offering form of Bavaria, as the release is scheduled for July. But the network has already got pictures of the kit. The designers chose a predominantly white and gray. White t-shirt decorated with three stripes in light gray on the shoulders and front of the same grey Adidas logo and Telekom. In the lower part it is decorated with interesting pattern with the pixels all in the same grey tones. Notch collar round. On the back near the neckline printed team name and motto.

A new form of Bavaria 2020-2021 year

Kit goalkeeper

According to rumors, goalie gear will be made in green colors. It will contain white logos and stylish solid graphic pattern. On the sweater from the armpits down will be located 3 white stripes.

The third form

The official release of the third form will be held in mid-July or early August. Then we can see the full package. Yet appeared only photos t-shirts. Her main color is black. Edging the collar and sleeves, stripes on shoulders, logo and icon team have a reddish-orange color. As in previous versions, it traces the theme of the Allianz Arena. On the front of the shirt visible diamond patterns that mimic the patterns on the roof of the stadium.

It is also reported that the third kit for next season will include black shorts and socks. It is assumed that the socks have to have red-orange details, and a t-shirt.

A new form of Bavaria 2020-2021 year

Black replacement form with orange stripes is strikingly similar to the guest set 2016-2017, though it has grey diagonal pattern.

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