A final essay on the literature in 2021: themes, directions

In December, the graduates of 11 classes write a final essay in literature, which will be the admission to Examinations 2021 and is the time to discuss what new directions and topics in this time offer the experts FIPI.

Recall that in the 2020-2021 year, the first challenge for graduates will be held 4 Dec.

Those who will not be able to cope with the task the first time or will be absent on the specified day for a valid reason, will be able to write it in reserve days:

  • February 5, 2021;
  • 6 may 2021.

The format of the exam

December essay graduates write on the basis of their educational institutions. The theme of the final works 2020-2021 school year will be announced when all examinees will take their seats in the classroom. As usually happens 15 minutes before the start of the countdown.

A final essay on the literature in 2021: themes, directions

Writing work 11th grade pupils will be given 3 hours 55 minutes.

The examinee will be asked to choose 5 topics (one from each direction):

  1. War and peace (the direction of mark the 150th anniversary of the great works of Leo Tolstoy);
  2. Hope and despair;
  3. Good and evil;
  4. Pride and humility;
  5. He and she.

Many experts believe that the direction is devoted to the novel “War and peace” — a real gift for graduates who took the trouble to read this work.

Important! Radical innovations in the requirements for how it should be written in final essay, 2021 no, but it is worth considering that is still actual innovations adopted in the past year.

Special attention should be paid to these points:

  1. The minimum amount of text works for all areas – 250 words, but the experts recommend to write at least 350.
  2. The essay must correspond to the selected topic (it is impossible to substitute a given topic another, similar in meaning).
  3. You need to write based on literary material.
  4. The text should be presented not only dry arguments, and personal opinion of the author, his attitude to the problem, conclusions.

If you will be aged at least 3 of the first paragraph, you can count on “credit”!

Learn more about how we need and, more importantly, how not to write an essay on literature to access the Exams 2021 (regardless of topic), see the video lesson:

Themes and trends

Why two? It’s simple – within each of these areas are simple and light theme, and more difficult, with the “pitfalls”. If you prepare purposefully in one direction, there is a possibility of you hitting that is not a good subject, but the choice will not be.

So, we offer you to familiarize yourself with what trends and themes can meet 11th grade pupils in the exam year 2020-2021, as well as a list of references that experts recommend be considered as sources of arguments for the final works.

Good and evil

The analysis that we do not accidentally start this trend. If you are looking for the most simple way, the argument about good and evil – your option.

It’s simple – in almost every literary work, large or small, domestic or foreign of a pen, the author raises the issue of the struggle between good and evil. This means that to find the arguments will be as simple as possible.

Among the areas that can be submitted for final essay 2021, submitted by:

  1. What is good?
  2. Good is objective or subjective concept?
  3. Good born or made?
  4. Why is the theme of good and evil will always care about humanity?
  5. Why is mankind still can not refuse the evil and cruelty?
  6. How to learn to forgive evil done to you by others?
  7. What role in the destiny of man can play evil done to others?
  8. Can the evil to help the person to understand themselves?
  9. Is it possible to justify evil?
  10. Is it always evil committed intentionally?
  11. Can evil people do good deeds?
  12. Why is the older generation so rarely appreciates the good behavior of our youth?
  13. Is there, among the heroes of Russian literature to those who had endless kindness?
  14. Good though the Sony Marmeladova: what is it?
  15. As Dostoevsky reveals the problem of good and evil on the pages of their pieces (1-2 pieces).
  16. Preaches evil whether the article is the hero of the novel “Crime and punishment” by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Rodion Raskolnikov?
  17. How do you understand the meaning of the phrase: “Villainy wears many masks, and the most dangerous as the mask of virtue”.
  18. Do you agree with Socrates that “the highest wisdom is to distinguish between good and evil”?
  19. Do you agree with the statement: “the Triumph of evil is the inaction of a good man”?
  20. Do you agree with the words of William Shakespeare “by evil do not reach good?”

As a source of arguments, you can use these artworks:

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