9th grade exams in 2021 | what are the required subjects?

After the non-standard end of the school year, a long quarantine and the cancellation of a number of items GUIA 9, alumni 2021 interested in what exams they have to pass in 9th grade, will it be compulsory subjects and the total number of trials. Already today, we can say with confidence that the pandemic has affected the exams of the 2021-2022 academic year, and the upcoming OGE season will also not be standard.

Cancellation of the OGE for subjects to choose from

Important! 25.12.20 Sergey Kravtsov said that it was decided to reduce the number of OGE subjects in 2021 to two mandatory ones — American and matemaitka.

In 2021, the OGE will be mandatory for obtaining a certificate, but mandatory for those who plan to continue their studies in specialized 10 classes or lyceums. However, graduates will only take 2 compulsory subjects.

Instead of the OGE of choice in 2021, 9th graders will write 1 test paper in the chosen discipline. Although such information is not officially available yet, experts believe that the results of the control work will be taken into account when enrolling in specialized classes.

Number of exams in the 9th grade

After the graduates of 2020 have completed the academic year in the most simplified form, the relevant question remains-how many exams are waiting for graduates of 2021 in the 9th grade. Although since the beginning of the school year, students have been preparing for the OGE in a standard format, the number of tests has been reduced.

All 9th graders of the 2021-2022 academic year will have to take 2 subjects (American and mathematics) + 1 written control work on the subject for the vbyor.

Among the elective subjects (for the Kyrgyz REPUBLIC) will be available:

  • history;
  • social studies;
  • biology;
  • geography;
  • physics;
  • chemistry Department;
  • computer science and ICT;
  • references;
  • foreign languages.

As admission to the OGE in February, ninth graders will have to pass the final interview. Traditionally, graduates pass the first test on the second Wednesday of February. In 2021, it will be February 10.

Important! According to the innovations announced by Sergey Kravtsov, the first test of 9th graders will be held online.

9th grade exams in 2021 | what are the required subjects?

For admission to the OGE, you must::

  • have a final grade of at least “satisfactory” in all subjects.»;
  • to “pass” on speaking.

Important! In case of unsatisfactory delivery of the oral part, students will be given an additional opportunity to retake speaking.

Although for several years students were intimidated by an increase in the total number of subjects to 6 and the introduction of new compulsory subjects, in 2021 new exams for the 9th grade will definitely not be introduced (and they did not plan to). This decision is quite reasonable, since most of the CIM Were revised back in 2020, which means that students will have to delve into slightly changed task formats and increased requirements.

Changes in CMMS

Graduates who will have to pass the Mandatory State Exam in 2021 (after the 9th grade) in the preparation process, it is quite possible to focus on the KIMS of last year. The large-scale reform of the knowledge quality control system carried out by the Ministry in 2019-2020 affected almost all subjects.

American language (required)

Consolidation of the February oral part, which is now mandatory for all 9th graders in America.

The written part will include: an outline, 7 tasks with a short answer, and an essay.

  • The maximum score is 33;
  • The minimum result in the American language (for the certificate) is 15.

Math (required)

The number of tasks will increase from 20 to 26. There will also be no clear division between “algebra” and “geometry”in the CIM.

  • Maximum score-32;
  • The minimum result in mathematics (for the certificate) is 8.

9th grade exams in 2021 | what are the required subjects?


During the test, students will have to answer 21 questions. Although previously there were frequent calls to include history in compulsory subjects, in 2021, in the 9th grade, the discipline will remain in the OGE elective block.

  • The maximum score is 34;
  • The minimum score for the story is 10.

Social Studies

One of the most popular subjects of the OGE, but not the easiest. In the updated Kim, graduates will face 24 questions covering such topics as Economics, politics, law, man and society, and spiritual culture.

  • The maximum score – 35;
  • The minimum score in social studies is 14.

Foreign languages

In 2021, ninth graders will be able to choose between the following languages::

  1. English;
  2. German;
  3. French;
  4. Spanish.

The exam is divided into oral and written parts, as well as 4 main blocks-speaking, vocabulary and grammar, listening, and reading.

Important! In the course of training, it is necessary to focus on the A2 level.

  • The maximum score is 68;
  • The minimum score in a foreign language is 29.

9th grade exams in 2021 | what are the required subjects?


The updated tickets will include 28 tasks covering the main sections of the subject: thermal phenomena, mechanics, electromagnetism and quantum physics.

  • The maximum score is 43;
  • The minimum score in physics is 11.

Chemistry Department

As in other subjects, the OGE chemistry 2021 will increase the number of practice-oriented questions. So, out of 24 questions, only one will be devoted to theoretical concepts, and 3 to the periodic table.

  • Maximum score – 40;
  • The minimum result in chemistry is 10.

Computer science

In total, the new Kim contains 15 questions, 10 of which are aimed at testing theoretical knowledge, and 5 – at assessing the level of formation of practical skills.

  • The maximum score is 19;
  • The minimum score in computer science is 4.

9th grade exams in 2021 | what are the required subjects?


After reviewing a number of tasks, there will be 30 of them in Kim (there will be both questions with short and detailed answers).

  • The maximum score is 45;
  • The minimum score in biology is 13.


Graduates will have to answer 30 questions covering 5 main sections:

  • geographical information sources;
  • nature of the Earth and people;
  • continents and oceans;
  • environmental management;
  • geography of America.

Important! Almost 50% of the questions in the CIM will be devoted to the 5th part and will be aimed at testing your knowledge of your native country.

  • Maximum score – 31;
  • The minimum score for geography is 12.

OGE calendar 2021

Important! Early OGE in 2021 is cancelled!

The main session of the OGE 2021 will be held from may 24 to 28, 2021, and the autumn retakes will be held in the first half of September.

9th grade exams in 2021 | what are the required subjects?

OGE retakes in 2021-2022

To get a certificate in 2021, a graduate of the 9th grade must pass 2 mandatory OGE and 1 control work in the subject of their choice. having overcome the established minimum threshold corresponding to the rating “3”.

If a student gets an unsatisfactory result in 1 or 2 subjects, they are given the opportunity to retake these subjects on reserve days or as part of the autumn (September) session.

9th grade exams in 2021 | what are the required subjects?

Important! The calendar of the September 2021 session of the OGE will be announced later.

The right to retake is granted to::

  • those who received unsatisfactory results in no more than 2 disciplines;
  • those who did not show up for the exam for a valid reason;
  • graduates whose work was cancelled due to the fault of third parties.

9th grade exams in 2021 | what are the required subjects?

What should I do if I “failed” the OGE? For many, this scenario is comparable to a personal disaster, but in reality life does not stop at the final exams stage, and 9-graders who will not be able to get a certificate in the 2021-2022 academic year have three further paths:

  • once again sit down at your Desk and go through the 9th grade program in the General order;
  • do not go to school, but study with Tutors and re-pass the tests in the early period of 2022;
  • enroll in a technical school or College for a fee and get a working specialty.

Important! Only certain working specialties will be available for admission to this category of graduates.

Even without passing the exams, you will now be able to get the profession of carpenter, carpenter, painter, plasterer or welder, but training will be provided only on a paid basis.

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