4th grade exams in 2021 | unified state exam

After shifting the dates of the unified state exam and OGE due to quarantine during the COVID-19 epidemic, everyone whose children are in primary school is concerned about whether they will take exams in the 4th grade in 2021.

Will the 4th grade unified state exam be canceled?

The issue of canceling exams is incredibly relevant for all graduates, but the country’s leadership does not plan to cancel the State Final Certification in grades 4, 9, and even more so in grades 11. The Minister of education emphasizes that all the changes adopted in 2020 in connection with the coronavirus epidemic were temporary, and in 2021 students will take exams in the 4th grade, as previously planned.

4th grade exams in 2021 | unified state exam

List of items

Primary school graduates will have to demonstrate knowledge in three main subjects – American, mathematics and the discipline “the world around us” (natural science).

Exam forto the American languagefor 4th grade students, it will be held in two stages:

  • dictation;
  • tests (15 questions).

Each of the blocks takes 1 standard lesson in duration-45 minutes. At the same time, the teacher must conduct tests on different days (it is unacceptable to hold two exams on the same day).

Verification work onmathit takes 45 minutes and consists of 12 tasks covering the following blocks::

  • basic knowledge;
  • elementary arithmetic;
  • geometry;
  • working with information

In addition to the oral account and knowledge of the features of geometric shapes, students will have to demonstrate the ability to work with information presented in text, graphic or tabular form, as well as compose expressions and solve applied problems (up to 4 actions).

In the subject“surrounding world»children will be asked to answer 10 questions that cover the following main topics::

  • man and nature;
  • man and society;
  • security rules.

In 2021, students will also have to demonstrate their knowledge of basic facts about America at the 4th grade unified state exam. They may ask about public holidays, geographical location, or important facts about the country’s culture and history.

4th grade exams in 2021 | unified state exam

It has been suggested more than once that students should pass 6 subjects during the transition from the first to the second stage of education. It was suggested that the list should be supplemented with such subjects as: foreign language, literature, and drawing. However, in 2021, most likely, these innovations will not be adopted, and graduates of the 4th grade will still be enough to pass 3 subjects.

Features of VLOOKUP in primary school

Experts say that it is absolutely incorrect to compare the OGE, unified state exam and VLOOKUP for 4th grades. Indeed, it is at the end of the 1st stage of training children for the first time are faced with a term such as “examination”, but the CDF is as close in its format to familiar for kids quizzes and if not to focus pupils on what they have to write the “American test”, they will not feel much of a difference.

It is important for parents to know these basic facts about VLOOKUP-4::

  • the result of the test work does not affect the fact that the child is transferred to the 5th grade;
  • all exams in the 4th grade in 2021 children write in their classrooms and with their teacher;
  • the test is given 1 lesson – 45 minutes;
  • as in the unified state exam, all graduates in the 4th grade will be offered the same sets of questions, regardless of which educational institution in the country they study in 2021.

4th grade exams in 2021 | unified state exam

Often teachers greatly exaggerate the importance of VLOOKUP, literally bringing children and parents to a state of great stress. But, in fact, the result of the first exam is more important for the teacher and the school than for the child and his parents, because the purpose of VLOOKUP is to check the quality of teachers ‘ work and the level of education provided by educational institutions in the country.

Additional preparation for VLOOKUP

Do I need a special (special) preparation for exams in the 4th grade, following the example of preparing for the OGE and the unified state exam? This question is asked to specialists from year to year by parents, who, starting from the 3rd grade, teachers regularly frighten with upcoming exams.

The opinion of the Ministry of education is invariable – there should be no additional lessons or special preparatory classes for VLOOKUP on the basis of schools or outside its walls. If the teacher properly performs his work and gives the children the material in the proper amount in accordance with the requirements of the Federal state educational standard, then graduates of the 4th grade are fully prepared for the test work.

The need for additional classes may arise for children who are often ill, who have missed lessons a lot, as well as for children who have certain learning difficulties. However, classes with Tutors are shown to such children not because of the approaching VLOOKUP, but as a way to catch up with their peers and master the curriculum in the proper volume.

4th grade exams in 2021 | unified state exam

What exactly should not happen is additional group classes (especially on a paid basis), training children for standard VLOOKUP tasks, escalating the situation around the exam (intimidating children and parents).

The opinion of the psychologist

If your child is going to take his first exam in the 4th grade in 2021, just support him morally, because this is his first step to successfully pass the unified state exam, and his attitude to exams may largely depend on the psychological state with which he passes the test.

How can parents help?

  • to prevent the formation of gaps in the knowledge for learning in elementary school;
  • be interested in the success of the child and help in case of such a need;
  • establish communication with the teacher on the topic of upcoming vlookups;
  • protect your child as much as possible from bullying and threats on the topic ” if you don’t pass the exam»;
  • if the child is very worried, you should contact a school psychologist.

4th grade exams in 2021 | unified state exam

It is important to understand that VLOOKUP is just the first step for every child on his long and difficult path to success. The task of adults is to give the child the knowledge necessary for life and further education, as well as to minimize stress, which can sometimes reduce to zero all the efforts of the student.

Keep in mind that the reasons for not getting a high enough result on a test paper can be very diverse, and this is not always the result of poor training or lack of knowledge. If such a situation has happened, you should not scold and punish the baby, but you need to understand what exactly prevented the child from getting the desired result and in the future make every effort to fix the problem.

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