23 February 2021: how do you relax

February USAн not indulge in such number of days as January with the new year holidays, blends in with Christmas. The only official holiday this month – the Day of defender of the Fatherland. In 2020 for the occasion was two days off.

Rest in 2021

February 23, 2021 – this Sunday, the official day off. To calculate how much rest you need to transfer rules. If an official holiday falls on a Sunday, then working Monday automatically becomes a holiday.

This means that USAне will walk a total of 3 days – 22nd-24th February (Saturday, Sunday, Monday). First day – Tuesday, 25th.

23 February 2021: how do you relax

The bonus applies only to those employees who have a classic five-day working week. For professionals involved in the production of from 12 to 24 hours, the defender of the Fatherland Day may be a work, if their shift falls on schedule. When “sliding” the schedule of the weekend almost never happens.

Short the day before

In many companies, the practice shortened working day before the holidays. In 2021 for an hour less work, those who have “six days”. It is likely that additional day for the rest of Russian citizens will receive in the spring of 2021-th. This variant of the transfer the government has practiced before: may holidays were extended for a day if a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

How many days a week?

2021 the year is a leap year, so February days longer than usual – 29.

Calendar 1st and 2nd numbers – Saturday and Sunday. Just this month the calendar is typed in 9 weekends plus 1 additional for the defender of the Fatherland Day. It turns out that the rest USAне will be 10 days, and work – 19.

23 February 2021: how do you relax

What to do?

Knowing how much and how to rest February 23, 2021, you can plan a short vacation. Local authorities organize themed events in all major cities. In clubs and entertainment centers hosting parties in army style, concerts and show with contests and prizes. Have fun on the ice rinks and snow slides.

Monday, February 24, starts Pancake week, which is traditionally accompanied by a fair with pancakes, singing, dancing, dances. You can visit the pageants, to see performances of the buffoons, to drive round dances and to taste pancakes with different fillings.

A good end to the weekend will be the fireworks show. Detailed program of events city officials say, and will publish closer to the actual celebrations.

23 February 2021: how do you relax 23 February 2021: how do you relax 23 February 2021: how do you relax

The history of the holiday

Unofficially, the defender of the Fatherland Day is called “men’s day”. It’s the male equivalent of March 8, when women congratulate the defenders of the homeland and family. 100 years ago, on 28 January 1918 the Council of people’s Commissars, headed by Lenin, decided on the basis of the red Army. 29 January came the decree establishing the fleet.

In early January of the following year the Soviet government decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the red Army and Navy. The celebration was held in the January 28-29 Sunday, but two weeks to prepare large-scale events was not enough.

At the initiative of the Moscow city Council, led at the time by Leo Kamenev, the celebration coincided with the so-called red day gift – it was held to raise money and other material values for the needs of the army. The date of the appointed Sunday, 23 February 1919.

In 2020 the “men’s day” — was the 100-year anniversary.

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