2021 year of the widow or widower

There is a superstition that marriage in a leap year will be unsuccessful. The next two periods are called the year of the Widow and the Widower. They are also considered unfavorable for the young. The next vdovim year, according to estimates, will be 2021.

Some people believe that if a couple gets married during this period, the husband will definitely die and the wife will remain single for the rest of her life. However, in this case, the word “widow” has a slightly different meaning. This term does not mean the death of a husband, but the breakup of a relationship. What exactly will be the cause is unknown. This can be either the death of a spouse, or a divorce.

How did this superstition come about

The origin of any omen can be reasonably explained. Almost all of them were invented in the past by our ancestors, and were associated with some important and memorable events. Life used to be much more complicated than it is now. People often fought among themselves, leaving families without breadwinners. Humanity is not able to cope with natural disasters, epidemics, famine and crop failure. All these misfortunes led to numerous victims. Life was also complicated by hard work on the farm and the lack of quality medicine. Most likely, our grandparents sought to find some reason for these adversities, and eventually associated it with unhappy years.

There is also a legend associated with the leap year that falls in 2020. Previously, it was called the year of Kasyan. He was a follower of Christ. One day, Jesus asked go to help a farmer whose cart was stuck in mud. Kasyan refused, and instead of him, Nicholas the Saint came to the aid of the peasant. For this reason, Christ predicted that people would remember Kasyan only once every four years, and Nicholas twice a year. Since then, because of the unresponsive Saint, the leap year has gained a reputation for being unlucky.

But our ancestors found a clever way to circumvent fate and ensure a happy life for a couple in love. In a leap year, it wasn’t the guy who asked for the girl’s hand, but the bride who went to Woo the groom’s parents. At the same time, the girl could get any single guy as her husband. It was not allowed to refuse matchmakers this year. Grooms did not always respond to the bride in return, and family life did not work out. Perhaps this was also the reason for the bad reputation of a leap year.

2021 year of the widow or widower

Protective rites

You can protect yourself from the bad omens of the widow’s year 2021. Some of the protective wedding rituals are performed by people according to tradition, without even thinking about their origin. Here are a few of these rites::

  1. The ransom.The groom gives symbolic gifts to the bride’s parents, as if buying a daughter from them. In Ancient America, this ritual was designed to appease the guardian spirits of the clan, so that they would not be offended by the departure of a girl to another family.
  2. The veil.It symbolized the funeral shroud. Having moved to a new family, the girl had to “die” for the old one and “be born” in the new one.
  3. Witnesses.They acted as symbolic protectors of the couple in love from external threats.

There are several signs designed to provide young people with a happy and long life, as well as prohibitions, violation of which can lead to unhappiness:

  • Before the wedding, you should not arrange a noisy celebration in the bride’s house. There is a belief that loud music and dancing can scare away family well-being.
  • The wedding tablecloth needs to be preserved, it will serve as a family amulet.
  • Before entering the ceremonial hall, you should not look back.
  • As for the bride’s outfit, there are also certain rules: the dress must be long, below the knee, and it must have an even number of buttons. Pearl jewelry and a ring worn over a glove will only bring troubles and disappointments.
  • To ensure prosperity in the house, the bride can put a coin in each Shoe.
  • The bride must not give or sell her dress, veil or jewelry after marriage, otherwise her welfare will pass to another family.
  • During the ceremony, one of the relatives should say: “I Crown with a crown, not with a leap end.”

2021 year of the widow or widower

In addition to traditions and rituals, there are other rules that will help ensure a happy family life. They are built more on human psychology. Their observance will help to create an atmosphere of love and warmth in the house:

  1. A wedding is a voluntary decision by two people to legitimize their relationship, and it should be approached responsibly.
  2. You should not allow strangers to interfere in the relationship of young people. Other people’s advice can be useful, but sometimes it leads to undesirable consequences.
  3. Marriage is a relationship that must be constantly improved. You need to be able to accept each other’s shortcomings and strive to find a compromise in everything.

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