2021 year of the Screaming Rooster according to the Slavic calendar | new year, calendar

According to the Slavic calendar, 2021 will be held under the patronage of the Crowing Rooster. By the nature of this totem animal, you can understand what the new year will be like, and what impact the Crowing rooster Will have on people’s lives.

New 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox on the Chinese calendar, or year of the Rooster Screaming in the calendar of the ancient Slavs. It should be noted that the Slavs compiled an annual horoscope much earlier than the Chinese, which they successfully used for several centuries. The calendar cycle consists of 16 years. Each year has a separate animal — totem. The reign of the old symbol ends on March 15, and the patronage of the new one begins on March 21. The period from March 17 to March 20 is considered Intertemporal.

2021 year of the Screaming Rooster according to the Slavic calendar | new year, calendar

Thus, the new year of the Crowing Rooster will begin in 2021 on the day of the spring equinox-March 21. People born in this year are similar in character to a totem animal. Outwardly bright, fearless and ambitious, they always try to be the center of attention and have a different opinion from everyone else. They are often referred to as “the fighter for justice”. At the same time, the first place for them is always the home and family. From the “roosters” get the real fathers of the family. Such a spouse will always support the other half in all her endeavors, and will allow her to lie in bed in the morning while he cooks porridge for the children. Outwardly, such people are very attractive and attract the opposite sex with internal energy, which often causes jealousy of loved ones. A light flirtation on the side of such a person allows, but you can never decide on treason, because for him the main thing is strong family ties.

People born under the rooster totem do not know how to deceive, Dodge. You can rely on them in any situation, they will undoubtedly come to the rescue in a difficult moment.

The ancient Slavs lived by godology and knew exactly which animal to pay special respect to. But not only according to the calendar, but also in the real life of the Slavs, the rooster was considered a sacred animal. No important event took place without the participation of this bird. So, it was used to prepare festive and memorial dishes, sacrificed and even laid a dead bird in the Foundation, during the construction of a house. A big festival dedicated to the harvest, also could not do without cooking various dishes from feathered meat.

2021 year of the Screaming Rooster according to the Slavic calendar | new year, calendar

Among the sacred animals of the rooster was attributed to several beliefs. Thanks to early songs, it was believed that he is associated with The sun God and his screams disperse all evil spirits that come out at night on crafts. As the head of a large chicken family, the bird was considered a symbol of fertility. After all, it was thanks to his efforts that the hens brought eggs, and the number of heads in the chicken coop increased. It was believed that the owners who feed the bird well, get rich harvests and live in prosperity.

The comb on its head, which looks like a flame, gave the totem another title — a talisman against troubles and misfortunes. To protect homes and outbuildings against fire, the owners were painted on the doors and roofs of the image is similar to a comb. Now it is customary to launch a cat first into the house, and for a long time, this important function was performed by a rooster. It was believed that after this, new residents are guaranteed a happy life and evil spirits will bypass their nest side.

According to statistics, the year of the Crowing Rooster always accounts for more marriages and divorces.

For all old Slavonic signs, without exception, the coming year 2021 will be the time of the family. The influence on all zodiac signs will extend to the ability to build strong relationships. For single people, this period is a real chance to meet their soulmate. The main thing is not to confuse where serious intentions are, and where feelings and fervor are just someone’s next hobby. For those who have already met their love, there is every chance to legitimize the relationship. Marriages concluded in 2021 will be strong and long-term.

2021 year of the Screaming Rooster according to the Slavic calendar | new year, calendar

You should be on the lookout for those married couples in which the head of the family was born in the year of the Crowing Rooster. After all, starting from March 21, his rooster character will begin to manifest itself in all its glory. Ambition and a desire to lead can lead to clashes in family relationships. Therefore, it would be wiser not to enter into an argument with a loved one, but to give in and listen to his opinion. It is possible that the quickness of the head of the family will manifest itself not at all in the walls of the house, but at work. This can lead to a promotion or, conversely, big problems with the management.

Historically, it has been observed that in other cases, except for family matters, the year of the Crowing Rooster will not be easy. Problems in business and creativity will be waiting at every turn. To overcome difficult times, it is best to remain calm and reasonable. You should not “cock” at work and try to find justice where there is none. You need to be especially careful with bosses who were born in the year of the feathered, so as not to lose your job and the annual bonus, you should “keep quiet” and do what they say. With colleagues, it is better to maintain relations on a friendly wave, but not to make strong friendships.

2021 year of the Screaming Rooster according to the Slavic calendar | new year, calendar

The fighting nature of the feathered may manifest itself as an aggravation of military conflicts within the country. The confrontation between good and evil will eventually end in the victory of kindness and justice. During this period, it is recommended, more than ever, to show love in life and maintain an optimistic attitude. The natural energy of the sign, its courage and perseverance will help to overcome all problems and teach you to enjoy the little things.

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