2021 widow or widower

Couples who plan to marry, I wouldn 2021 widow or widower. Basically it is the people who believe in folk omens and superstitions. Whether 2021 is favorable for marriage or the spouses separation of waiting and misery, we will understand further.

Folk omens and superstitions

According to popular belief, a leap year is inauspicious time for marriage. Next two are widow and widower. Earlier, people believed that couples who entered into this period, the marriage will be unhappy life or a quick separation. Wife or husband before losing my soulmate.

Some people say that the signs of people formed on the basis of long-term observations, and have some mystical sense, but it is not so. Previously do a lot of people died in the wars, so women lose their husbands and men their wives. People have associated these events with mysticism and tried to find a pattern, but in practice the confirmation of the veracity of superstitions no. It is sufficient to look at statistics to understand that there is no link between the deaths of spouse and year of marriage.

Important! And although 2021 is the year of the black widows, according to popular belief, it is unfavorable for the wedding, because in it one day longer (leap).

2021 widow or widower

To marry or not

Since 2021 is a leap year, it is considered unfavorable for marriage. Earlier it was not recommended to marry in this period, as a married couple will have to wait for testing, separation, illness, betrayal. In addition, not began to build a house, not married and not having children, but if the descendants have appeared, they immediately were baptized. According to popular legend, on 29 February was Kasyanov or the devil’s day. On this day, Satan came down to earth and made people evil. For this reason, and the whole leap year is considered unlucky and even to some extent dangerous for people.

Old superstition, many people believe it now, and so avoid a wedding in a leap year. But if you listen to all beliefs, then the marriage should be postponed for several years. If you are willing to wait, then go to the Registrar. Besides, there is a lot to take, and rules that allow to reduce the negative impact of the special period.

From a scientific perspective, a leap year can not have a mystical effect, so his education was the result of human activity, but rather people who worked on the Julian calendar. Between scientists proposed system and astronomical dates were the difference in 6 hours. The extra day in February every 4 years to compensate for this difference.

Interesting! Popular belief about the adverse marriages has arisen not on an empty place. The fact that in the old days the two men refused to Woo young is a leap year. If the girl was in love with a guy, she came and sat down under the gate. Could spend a few days. If the parents have decided to get married, they went to the girl, with the consent of the boy, no one asked. As a result, one-sided love and an unhappy marriage.

2021 widow or widower

Folk omens on happiness

If you believe in superstitions, deciding to be married in 2021, pay attention to the following signs and tips:

  1. After the wedding the bride does not have to sell or borrow a dress, veil or accessories. Otherwise give or sell your happiness to another couple.
  2. During the wedding someone from the family needs to say the phrase: “I crown the crown, not a leap end.”
  3. Dress of the future wife must be longer than the knees to joint life with the beloved will be long and happy.
  4. On the way to the registry office the couple must not look back.
  5. You can’t wear the bride’s ring on the glove. Or soon will be divorce.
  6. The family lived happily ever after, three of the first anniversary the wife needs to lay a tablecloth that was on the wedding table candles.
  7. So a couple experienced financial difficulties prior to the marriage in their shoes you need to put on the coin.

True love can overcome any obstacle, and certainly she is not afraid of people’s superstitions. By the way, the Church does not forbid to marry in a leap year. When choosing a wedding date it is necessary to pay attention to the positions, major holidays and days of commemoration of the dead. These days the priests do not conduct the wedding ceremony. Other prohibitions no.

2021 widow or widower

If you love each other and want to get married in 2021, don’t postpone the wedding due to the fact that he is leap or widow. It’s just superstition, which has no scientific Foundation. The main thing – love and the desire to create a strong family. The experience of many people who previously entered into marriages, only confirms this.

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