2021-what animal according to the Slavic calendar

Everyone knows that the coming year 2021 will be the year of the Bull according to the Eastern calendar, but few people will be able to answer the question of which animal’s totem will dominate the next 12 months according to the Slavic calendar compiled by our ancestors.

Slavic calendar

The Slavic calendar is much older than the usual Gregorian calendar and the Eastern calendar, which has gained particular popularity in recent years. According to the Gregorian Calendar, we are waiting for 2021, according to the Slavic calendar-7529. In the Eastern calendar, the chronology is conducted in cycles (there are a total of 60 possible combinations of 12 symbols and 4 elements) and 2021 will be the 2nd year of the new 6-year cycle.

We offer you to understand in more detail what the coming 2021 year will be like, who will become its totem according to the Slavic calendar, and what the new patron Saint promises us.

2021-what animal according to the Slavic calendar

It is believed that the Ancient Slavs led the owl chronology from the Creation of The world in the Star Temple. Before the arrival of Christianity, our ancestors worshiped the forces of nature and believed that the patron Saint of each person is his totem animal, which can not only protect, but also give certain qualities.

The circle Of years among the Slavs was equated to 16 years, and each of the periods had its own patron from the animal world – its totem. That is why there are 16 halls in Svarog Circle:

2021-what animal according to the Slavic calendar

It is interesting that in the Slavic week there were 9 days, and not 7 as is customary today, the day lasted until sunset (16 hours), in months they counted 40 or 41 days (in even and odd ones, respectively). The calendar year (Summer) was divided into 3 seasons (autumn, winter, and spring) and consisted of 9 months.

Every 16th year was considered a great (Holy summer) and was distinguished by the fact that all its 9 months numbered 41 days.

Important! The new year begins at the end of March (20-22 numbers), so the New 2021 year will actually come only with the arrival of calendar spring, and before that, the totem of 2020 – the Spinning Mizgir (spider) – will still prevail.

Thus, when answering the question of what animal according to the Slavic calendar will be the coming 2021 year, it is worth considering what month we are talking about.

Over the past centuries, humanity has changed the calendar more than once. However, due to the fact that the cycles of nature do not fit into the decimal system, all calendars had inaccuracies, to correct which it was necessary to resort to certain tricks that significantly complicate the process of using calendars. At the same time, for thousands of years, the ancient calendar of the Slavs did not lag behind and did not run ahead by a single day. Our ancestors were able to calculate with incredible accuracy on which day of the week a particular day fell in any given year.

2021-what animal according to the Slavic calendar

Totem of 2021

The year 2021 (or 7529) will be the 14th period of the 16-year cycle, and its totem will be a Crowing Rooster. In mythology, the rooster is a bird of Perun, as well as a prophetic bird that notifies the people about the sunrise. It was believed that the rooster’s cry disperses all evil spirits. That is why it was believed that in every yard there must necessarily be a rooster, and houses were decorated with carved figures of these vociferous birds.

2021-what animal according to the Slavic calendar

If the outgoing year of Mizgir contributed to the creation of a home and family comfort, then looking at the description of the totem of 2021 according to the Slavic calendar, we see among the qualities inherent in the Rooster emotionality, impulsiveness, ambition and fearlessness. This suggests that the new period is likely to be turbulent. Major changes are possible in a wide variety of areas of life: career, financial situation, family. For many, the year will be a turning point, but in which direction fate will turn (to great success or grandiose failures), largely depends on the person himself.

It is worth noting that in this case the forecasts of the Ancient Slavs, Eastern sages and modern astrologers converge.

Characteristics of people born in 2021

Knowing under the patronage of which totem animal, according to the Slavic calendar, the baby expected in 2021 will be born, you can learn a lot about its future character.

2021-what animal according to the Slavic calendar

Children born between January 1 and March 21 participants will receive the “Spinning Mizgir” totem, which will reward them with leadership qualities and character traits such as hard work, sociability, and loyalty. But it is worth remembering that to maximize the disclosure of all the positive qualities, spiders like air need the support and love of their loved ones.

Babies born after March 21 users will already receive the “Crowing rooster”totem. They will be emotional and power-hungry, endowed with great creativity and an inner core that will help them achieve their goals. But at the same time, they can sometimes be hasty in their judgments and harsh in their communication.

For more information about the characters of other totems of the Slavic calendar, see the video:

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