2021 new year on red square

New year celebration is a favorite time for each USAнина. The most important night of the year brings fun and charges the positive emotions for a long time. Often the celebration is thought of in advance: some travel to warm places, others gather at the family table. Muscovites and guests of the capital have the opportunity to visit the brightest event in the country, which will take place on red square.

Festive capital

To plunge into the festive atmosphere of the New 2021 on red square is able to each. Meeting in the capital is a long-standing tradition USAн, the opportunity to take part in celebrations and to vivid memories. transformed for the New year, it becomes even more beautiful and majestic.

On the eve of the festival in the capital’s parks offer plenty of Seating. They include kiosks with fast food and bars, with hot drinks, a concert stage, a variety of attractions and, of course, ice rinks, many of which are free.

2021 new year on red square

In mid-December, traditionally begins the installation of the main Christmas tree of the country. The Grand opening of the tree will be marked by noisy and cheerful holiday, which usually invited the children from different regions of the USA. Estimated opening date of the new year tree on red square on 26 December. Its design is yet kept secret. But no doubt that it will be impressive.

Entertainment in the main square of the country

The fair, timed to the New year, will open in late November 2020. The main entertainment on the red square is considered the ice rink — it is very popular among children and adults. Working hours are very flexible, from 10: 00 to 23:00. In the morning, tickets to the skating rink on the red square in the New 2021 the cheapest, then after lunch will cost less than 500 rubles per person. The ticket is designed for hours of skating between sessions there is a break to refresh the ice.

In addition to the ice rink, every Muscovite or guest of the capital can relax and feel the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday, enjoy winter treats in one of the cafes to make a memorable photo on the background of Christmas decorations to make children meet with Santa Claus and snow Maiden. Also customers can buy unusual Souvenirs that will be a great gift or decorate the house for the New year. At the end of each day you can observe an amazing laser show.

Most of the time on red square in New year’s eve will be enjoyed by kids. They will be able to participate in games and contests to win nice prizes and gifts.

2021 new year on red square

New year’s eve

Visit the main square, festive capital any day. Those who want to celebrate, have fun and just ice skating on red square has a lot of experience. What will happen on red square in 2021?
New year traditionally begins on December 31. At 22:00 offers:

  • fairy lights and bright types;
  • unforgettable laser show;
  • show stars in figure skating;
  • live performances of famous Russian artists;
  • competitions and gifts;
  • songs, dances, round dances;
  • a long salute.

After the battle of chimes and fireworks will begin some time festivities. The celebration will be accompanied by a laser show with special effects.

2021 new year on red square

How to get on the show

Those wishing to visit the Red square December 31 a lot — in Moscow attracts guests from all regions of the USA. 2021 will not be an exception, because the tickets to the Christmas performance it’s better to get in advance. How to do it:

  • To purchase a ticket to the skating rink of Gum. The capital’s residents and families with children have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure — to buy a ticket to the ice show with the most famous skaters of the country, to witness the magnificent ice dancing, and then meet the chiming clock near the Christmas tree. Traditionally, the entry price for one person is equal to the number of the year. That is, this time it will cost 2021 rubles. In early autumn you need to check that they have received in the sale of tickets. They always put up a limited number.
  • To be representative of preferential categories of citizens. Large families, people with disabilities or relatives of employees of government organizations can receive discounted invitations.
  • To be active USAнином. Right now you can start to go to a popular portal “Active citizen” and to participate in discussions. Those who regularly put forward initiatives and discuss projects and record various violations, you get points. The owners of the largest rating in the end of the year get the coveted tickets.

31 Dec’d better forget about private transport, as the centre on the eve of the always declared a pedestrian zone. The subway and ground transportation is planning to work until the morning, so to get to the center and return home is not difficult. Do not despair if you are not able to attend the festival. You can enable the online broadcast and feel the atmosphere of the festivities.

How to meet the 2020 red square: video

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