2021 new year in Goa

If you go to meet New 2021 for Goa, a lot of positive emotions guaranteed. This is an opportunity to spend a vacation on the beach, get a nice tan and an unforgettable experience. In a state in the South-West region of India attracts tourists from all over the world. Attracts travelers hot subtropical climate and warm sea. And although prices in the resort are quite low, a high level of service, well-developed infrastructure.

Weather and other important details

January is ideal for a beach holiday. During this period, almost all the days the sun shines brightly, as the rainy season starts in April. In the afternoon the air temperature rises to 30-33 degrees, so spending time on the beach is in the morning and after 15 hours. The night air temperature is reduced to 18-20 degrees. In order not to feel discomfort because of the temperature difference, need to grab a light jacket or long-sleeved shirt. The sea warms up to 28 degrees, so it’s perfect for swimming. Strong winds usually no swimming even with small children.

Goa is the only state in India which is closely intertwined traditions of Hindus and Catholics. New year holidays last from Christmas (25 December) until 6 January, when the natives celebrate the Day of three kings. On the beach or the streets you can meet Santa Claus. He is dressed usually in a red suit made of lightweight fabrics and traditional head cap. In entertainment, sometimes even participating Santas due to the popularity of the resort among USAн. In the Indian state even decorate the tree for the New year. However, garlands and balls not cling on to the tree, and the palm trees.

Important! Because on the Indian ocean coast for the holidays comes a large number of tourists, prices for tours, food and accommodation increase by several times. When you purchase a tour for Goa in February 2021 you can save at least 30%.

2021 new year in Goa

Where to spend new year’s eve

Tourists have several options of where to celebrate New year in Goa. Each traveler makes a choice based on personal preferences, budget, and other features.

The hotel

All the hotels can be arranged at new year’s Banquet with entertainment program. It can include performances of stars of show business, contests and jokes. The program almost always ends with a disco. This is due to the love of Indians for dancing. Usually new year’s eve dinner included in the tour price, but there are exceptions. In this case, you will have to pay $ 200-300 on top. The price depends on the program and menu.

In the entertainment business

For the New year, you can choose one of the restaurants or cafes. As in hotels, places of entertainment usually entertainment with dancing, games, contests and hot music. Guests are often entertained by Santa Claus or father Christmas. In clubs and bars having a holiday party, but this option is more suitable for young people. Tickets cost from 1000 roubles. In a cafe or restaurant you can get acquainted with national cuisine of India. Tourists are usually served in adapted dishes, that is less acute.

2021 new year in Goa

Important! Table must be booked in advance. Free places on new year’s night usually no.

On the street or the beach

If you want to immerse yourself in Indian flavor, which is closely intertwined with Catholic traditions, then new year’s eve is to spend on the beach or on the street. Local residents organize festivities with dancing, music, theatrical acts and other entertainment. It is possible to have fun all night of the soul. In Sheki sold cocktails and snacks.

In the sea

Lovers of originality, you can spend new year’s eve at sea. To do this, go to walk on the boat or ship, or rent a boat. The cost is 5000 rupees. On the ship to dine, tasting dishes with seafood and local spices, and then see performances from soul to dance.


Stay in the winter in Goa is not limited to a beach vacation. This is a great time to learn more about local traditions, take part in folk holidays, to see the theatre, going to festivals. Other entertainment:

  • riding on a water scooter or banana;
  • walk on water-skiing;
  • skydiving;
  • a massage or yoga;
  • surfing;
  • elephant trekking;
  • fishing in the open sea, etc.

2021 new year in Goa

You can also arrange shopping in local stores and pick up gifts for relatives and friends. To pass the time during the excursions. In Goa many natural attractions:

  • the spice garden;
  • caves Panada;
  • waterfall Dudhsagar;
  • butterfly Park etc.

Popular extreme jungle trekking. Lovers of architecture will be interesting to see the ancient frescoes, temples, ancient buildings. Tour cost starts from 5000 rubles.

Proposals from tour operators

Usually people buy ready-made tour. Check with the operator what is included in the price (meals, excursions, transfers, etc.). In this case, it will avoid unpleasant situations. As the price of Goa in January significantly rise, planning a vacation in 2021, we should calculate the budget reserve.

Most operators offer a 7-day tours in Goa to celebrate the New 2021. Their cost starts from 100 000, but can be much higher depending on the hotel, food and entertainment.

Trip to Goa is the opportunity to bask in the sun, positive emotions and make a beautiful memory photo. In the Indian state, guests can celebrate the New year.

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