2020-2021 Premier League team of the year: a list

Premier League – Russian football Premier League, including the best FC in the country. It exists since 2001, and the number of participants remains unchanged – 16. 2020-2021 Premier League teams are the best football clubs from different regions of the USA. The Russian Premier League is updated annually. The two teams with the worst result in the championship, go to the division with the lower rank, and the top two teams from it, on the contrary, moving. Read more about what football clubs will take part in the new Premier League, read on.

2020-2021 Premier League team of the year: a list

The list of leaders

Updated FC who will play in the USA Championship and football 2020-2021, includes.


Team a, won the championship in the previous season. At the moment it occupies the first place in the standings. In the new year St. Petersburg has already played three matches, scoring in each victory. Yet Zenith has the most points of the participating teams 10. Analysts believe that St. Petersburg FC will win the championship, defend the title.


Krasnodar team is one of the main rivals of Zenit. Last season, she ranked third, but settled down in the standings at the second position. Although the year began to Krasnodar Akhmad defeat with the account 0:1, in the next two games, they recovered and won. At the moment, Krasnodar 7 points and is in fourth position.


Last season the capitals team was on the second place on points but fell to third. The locomotive is another serious contender Zenit in RPL. In the new year Muscovites had already played four games. Two of them ended with the victory of FC the capital, one draw and only one defeat. So far, the locomotive has 7 points and is in seventh position in the standings, but analysts believe that he has all the chances to rise above.

2020-2021 Premier League team of the year: a list

Another capital club, determined to win this championship. At the end of last year, the team was sitting in fourth place. The new year is for the Muscovites yet successfully. After losing in the first game, FC rehabilitated and won the next 3. At the moment USAА has 9 points and is in second position in the tournament.


The team from Tula showed a good result in the last championship, securing the fifth place. This year, the Tula until that issue is controversial matches, having two victories, one defeat and one draw. Currently the team has 7 points, which allows it to stay in sixth place in the tournament.


Last year Rostov FC ranked only sixth position. In the new season, the team seems intent to win, if not win, then the prize. Currently, Rostov spent four matches with two wins and two draws. The team is already 8 points in the tournament she is in third place.


The once prestigious Moscow FC continues to lose ratings. Last season he was able to resist only on the seventh position. In the new year, the situation for Muscovites as it is not the best way. Of the four games, the Dynamo are only one win, two draws and one defeat. Moscow FC is still only in 10th place in the tournament with 5 points.

2020-2021 Premier League team of the year: a list

The team from Yekaterinburg continues to show average results. Finishing in last year’s championship in eighth place, however, Ural have advanced to the fifth position. The team has two wins, one draw and only one defeat. With 7 points, the students will soon be able to bypass Krasnodar and catch up with Rostov.

This is an incomplete list of teams in the Premier League, 2020-2021, but the prospects of other participants, experts estimate quite low.


The remaining 8 football clubs, according to analysts, are unlikely to qualify for the championship or to enter the list of leaders. In this list are:

  • Orenburg – 0 points 16th place;
  • Rubin (Kazan) – 7 points, 8th place;
  • Ahmad (Ivan) – 6 points, 9th place;
  • Spartak () – 5 points 11th place;
  • Tambov – 3 points, 14th place;
  • Ufa – 4 points, 12th place;
  • Sochi – 1 point, 15th place;
  • Krylya Sovetov (Samara) – 3 points 13th place.

2020-2021 Premier League team of the year: a list

Tambov, Sochi first appeared in the Premier League, taking first and second place in the championship of Germany. Anji and Enisey, on the contrary, left the Premier League, the championship left on the 15 and 16 positions. Despite the evaluation, the evaluators consider the possibility that some FC will suddenly get ahead. So, for example, Ahmad has already defeated Krasnodar with the score 1:0, while is much lower in the standings. So far we can only assess what teams will play in the Premier League in 2021, and to imagine the results. To give a precise dimension is possible only after passing all the matches of the first round.

See video review the first round of the Premier League:

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