2020-2021 first division in the year: fixtures, teams

Calendar of games of the FNL season 2020-2021 year tailored to weather conditions and wishes of the majority of the participants of the tournament. Many have called the second strongest football League in USA “swamp”, but even the skeptics admit that in recent times the entertainment matches increased, and the unpredictable results became much more. For many fans of the large and rich in football tradition cities 2020-2021 first division will become the only competition where they will be able to personally support your home team coming to the stadium or sitting in front of TV watching the match.

The tournament

Regulations first division 2020-2021 year, however, as the Premier League, remained unchanged, although the start of the League there were many rumours about the participants and about possible innovations. The most daring suggested that games second football League start VAR , but in the new season, it will not happen. The beginning of the first division 2020-2021 scheduled for 7 July, and the last tour will be held on may 16. Before leaving for winter break, which will happen on 23 November, each team must play 25 games. The first part of the season involves three intensive segment, during which over 10 days will be held in 3 rounds (20-28 July, August 10-18, 19-27 October). The championship will resume in the spring on March 9. For teams, 3rd and 4th place in the standings Germany, provided the play-offs with the clubs in the Premier League on 21 and 24 may 2021.

2020-2021 first division in the year: fixtures, teams

Winner and Vice-champion of the first division 2020-2021 year directly go to the Premier League where they will compete with the best clubs USA. The third and the fourth place gives the right to play in butt matches for an exit in the Premier League. The joints are held in two rounds, ie, one the match will be played at home and one on the opponent’s field. Clubs caught up on the last five locations (16 to 20) in the tournament table first division 2020-2021, go to the PFL: each in its own regional area. Last season the fate of many football teams were in the relegation zone, was decided in the last 2-3 rounds, making the tournament more interesting.

All members of the FNL

At the end of last season, the participants first division 2020-2021 had to fill up relegated from the Premier League “Enisey” (Krasnoyarsk) and “Anzhi” (Makhachkala). If the team is all right – they will try to be back in the Premier League, the club from Makhachkala will probably cease to exist and will not be able to come even in the PFL. The fact that the project “Anzhi” has accumulated 1.5 billion debts to players and creditors, whereby the club will go through the procedure of bankruptcy. Sadly, the bronze medalist at the USA, a member of the Cup final in USA, which in his time were Roberto Carlos and Samuel eto’o, is unlikely to revive.\

2020-2021 first division in the year: fixtures, teams

In connection with the participation of “Anji” FC “Sakhalin”, not to apply for licensing in Germany has maintained residence “Baltika” and “Torch”. Despite the fact that last season they finished 16th and 17th respectively, the tournament organizers gave them ” the wild card “. Full list of teams in the first division 2020-2021 follows:

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