12 chairs-movie 2021: actors, release date

Ostap Bender returns to the screens, and this is one of the most pleasant news in recent times. The main role will be played by Dmitry Nagiyev. The premiere will take place 50 years after the release of the first film and promises a lot of surprises. A classic piece will get a second wind, and well-known jokes will sound in a new way.

12 chairs-movie 2021: actors, release date

How much is opium for the people

The premiere of Leonid Gaidai’s Comedy took place almost half a century ago, but the image of the Turkish subject haunts American filmmakers. The new film “12 chairs” will be released in 2021 and will delight the audience with fresh impressions. According to the plans, filming was supposed to be completed in January 2020. There is not much information about the project, but some details allow you to understand what the authors will offer.

  • The new film will be the most detailed adaptation of the legendary novel. In the years of the Soviet Union, the original source was published with banknotes, and the current film adaptation will be uncensored and close to the original author.
  • The film crew had to almost completely reproduce the era of the twenties of the XX century. With this time, modern youth is practically unfamiliar.
  • Cinematographers used the oldest Kolesnik steamer “N. V. Gogol”as a stage platform. The famous scene of the appearance of Ostap Bender’s painting “the Sower scattering state loan bonds”was embodied here. In addition, other locations in the Arkhangelsk region were proposed.
  • One of the scenes was shot on red square, using a retro car from the Mosfilm fleet.

Comedy in its purest form

In the new project “12 chairs”, which will be released in 2021, there will be a large number of dynamic action scenes. Famous actors who managed to embody a lot of humorous characters are invited to play the main roles in the Comedy. Ostap Bender and Kisa will be played by Dmitry Nagiyev and Dmitry Nazarov. They distinguished themselves by participating in the “kitchen” and other Comedy films.

The authors decided to completely rethink the image of Kisa Vorobyaninov. If earlier it was a tragicomic old man, offended by the whole world and wanting to compensate for failures by profit, now he turns into an influential man with a bright personality.

12 chairs-movie 2021: actors, release date

Unfamiliar classics

There are a lot of questions about whether to film “Twelve chairs” once again, and what new authors will be able to show. The Director believes that each time should have its own Bender. How it will turn out for Dmitry Nagiyev, it will be possible to evaluate very soon.

The release date of the film “12 chairs” is not in vain scheduled for 2021. Since the first film, in which Archil Gomiashvili and Sergey Filippov starred, was released in 1971, this is a kind of dedication to the fiftieth anniversary of the Gaidai Comedy.

Many consider Sergey Yursky, who played in the Golden calf, to be the best performer of this role. Kisa Vorobyaninov in the first pictures was a long and thin klutz. The novel by Ilf and Petrov describes an influential man, the leader of the nobility, who had a large mansion and a lot of money. Did the change in social status kill the nobility and solidity in a person? Dmitry Nazarov will have to reveal the image in a new way, he must play with fresh colors. The role of Fyodor’s father will be played by Sergey Stepanchenko.

The ice has broken, gentlemen of the jury

The plot of a famous Comedy is not subject to change. Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov will continue to search for the diamonds of the late mother-in-law of the leader of the nobility. They will have to go a long way with a lot of obstacles and delight the audience with adventures.

The new “12 chairs”, which will be released in 2021, should attract a fresh audience and show the classic work in a different light. Favorite actors have been working together for a long time, this is a commercial couple who can embody all the ideas and give a special charm to the work of Ilf and Petrov. It is interesting how the catch phrases from the mouth of Dmitry Nagiyev will sound.

12 chairs-movie 2021: actors, release date

The film is the debut of Pyotr Zelenov in a full-length film. Oleg Urushev is the General producer and Ivan Gudkov is the cinematographer. The first shots from the film have already appeared. They leave no doubt that the project will turn out to be bright, memorable and fun. Will our contemporaries compete with Leonid Gaidai? It is unlikely, and they do not set themselves the task of surpassing the famous Director. This is a reinterpretation of the classics, a desire to touch the history of America and create a high-quality work that fans will definitely love.

While waiting for the trailer, we suggest you remember the best moments from the usual movie ” 12 chairs»:video

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